Benedict the new broken character?

Mellka and Caldarius can also although it’s slightly harder.

Other than being able to reach places where you cant reach, i find him pretty bad. His attacks are SO SLOW that its very easy to dodge. And if they do hit you, its not amazing damage.

ive personally never been a huge fan of any character having attacks that auto lock on targets. so that means benedicts rockets and reynas plasma shots that auto lock. i have also never been a huge fan of anyone having unbalanced movement mechanics in any game. i hated blink and shadestep in destiny, and i hate benedict, caldarius, and melka’s movement mechanics in this game. i would personally always prefer that everyone had the same basic movement mechanics, with some being able to move faster or slower than others

I Dread seeing them on other teams at times but coming from another benedict player, his extremely low Attack speed is balanced with his rocket power,(his hp is also rather low). hes constantly reloading as well, which yes you can use gear but you are reloading allll the time, you need to be good at aiming to play this guy, if your opponents are good at dodging/aiming or CC you you’re as good as dead.

So is the problem that when he’s flying you can’thir him with a sword. Cause I feel like that’s the point.

Plus he super low health, slow rocket and reload speed balances out his high damage potential.


There are some cheese spots he can stand in but just chase him off and than go back to pushing.

I’ve never had a problem with rockhawk. He’s a massive target so anyone with a gunpws him down.

As Toby I feel like I’m playing Duck Hunt as I shoot Benedict out of the air lol


He’s pretty good in meltdown… the slow and steady trundle of minions make for easy rocket targets, but players juke too much for the rockets to pose a reliable threat.

As for him perching up high, you should always have at least one decent long-range character on your team (not just for anti-Benedict). Toby, Marq, OM, WF, ISIC, Mellka (with good poison canister aim), Ghalt (with slugs helix), and many more can harass him down off a roost if he’s trying to set up shop.

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I heard Attikus is OP dropping near 50 kills a game