Benedict: This isn't an exploit, right?

Invisible wall? It is very visible…

There’s a difference between playing a (broken) character with infinite stealth and deliberately taking advantage of poor map design and you know it. You came here asking if it was an exploit – even though you already seem to know that it is – and you’re now arguing against peoples’ answers. It’s an obvious exploit and you KNOW it’s an obvious exploit.


I actually don’t know it. I legitimately don’t know if it is. I would lean on the “i don’t think it is” camp. I’ve responded the way I have because you came out swinging. I threw in the 20-2 sentence at the end just for the fun of it. I don’t feel pressure to come on to a forum and brag any time I get 20 kills.

I asked on here to see if there was a general census on the subject, and there isnt. People have been on both sides. Instead I got flamed for ruining competitive play as we know it.

I DON’T know if it is an exploit. It’s high ground, but Benedict is very vulnerable up there. I know that because I’ve taken care of them as Oscar mike.

Just a little team communication, and you’ll make him waste his time even jumping up there.

I personally don’t think it’s an exploit… Certain characters are allowed up there but others are not. It’s an advantage of the arial characters(and possibly ISIC?) but it doesn’t really allow for any cheese as far as I can see. The backdoor area on overgrowth is much more of a concern for me than that one ledge

You get get on the walls and up the backdoor by mid thralls with orendi if you time everything right and have skills and gear for cool down. It really pisses people off cause no one expects it. My Xbox messages were all full of people calling me a cheater when I mainly played as orendi. People just didn’t understand her I guess

Nope its allowed.

It really really sucks to play vs though. The map won’t show you that he’s up there and he majority of the time it takes a hot minute to even know he’s there wrecking your sentry. That reason alone is more than enough to ban him on incursion cause there’s more than one spot and he goes almost 100% unpunished for it.

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Its not an exploit until AFTER they fix it. Then you cant do it anymore!

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Yes, it’s just a “competitive edge”. Not cheating at all.

Not “competitive edge”, “tactical assault” why go through the door when you can breach the wall?


I don’t consider it an exploit or cheap method. It’s just a tactical way to hit the sentry from a different angle.

It’s similar to how I like to engage the sentry with my Rath on the video below. Melee characters will have a hard time hitting me while I’m on top but it still makes me vulnerable if the sentry or ranged character and turrets are focusing on me.