Benedict Tips & Tricks

Benedict quickly became my favorite character (and totally stole me away from Miko). He has a nice amount of mobility and damage mixed in with some interesting mechanics, and I intended to write a more detailed guide on how to play him but some quick tips.

Benedict takes time to learn. Sure, it’s easy to spam rockets but flying properly takes time.

  • You excel at minion/structure damage. This means that you’ll usually be on the front lines pushing waves of minions into enemies and protecting them while destroying enemy turrets.

  • RELOAD ALL THE TIME! You’ll still be in moments where you’ll have the perfect kill ready and no rockets in your launcher, but as a general rules of thumb try to reload as often as possible rather than waiting until your clip is empty.

  • You take no damage from your own rockets. Even from your ridiculous Ult. Know what that means? RUN UP ON SOMEONE AND ULT THEM RIGHT IN THEIR FACE!

  • Liftoff is much more versatile than people think and is extremely important to master. While on the surface, it just lifts you higher into the air, this move actually has a lot of uses, including…

  1. Protecting you from melee-oriented characters that sneak up on you. You’ll come to appreciate this next time Rath/Kelvin runs up on you and stuns you.

  2. Allowing you to cancel animations to move quicker - the best example of this is his Divebomb ability (Rank 7 Helix mutation). When you divebomb and miss, he hits the ground and is stunned for about half a second, but with Liftoff you can bomb and takeoff with no wait inbetween.

  3. Drawing aggro. Floating in the air with those big obnoxious wings and that big obnoxious rocket launcher creates a lot of attention from enemy players. This can be advantageous for your melee allies, since enemies now have to choose between looking up and shooting you or watching the ground.

  4. Acting as a third (or fourth) jump. You can jump, glide, jump again, float some more, and then Liftoff to look “Majestic as hell!” as Benedict himself puts it. Not only does this look awesome, but it makes you a much harder target to hit in the air and allows you a better angle for blasting fools.

  • Practice flying around, even when you don’t really need to. You need to be comfortable with all your aerial mechanics to be successful including gliding, hovering, and jumping to reposition in the air.

  • It’ll take some time before you’re really all that effective. Until you hit around level 4, Ben feels somewhat clunky with his long reload times and stiff flight.

  • Hawkeye rockets initially do LESS damage than your normal rockets. There are helix traits to remedy this, but it’s important to keep in mind. When you have a target locked, you have time to fire about two rockets before the lock-on fades.

  • Hawkeye rockets do NOT take up your normal ammo.


  • Persistent Projectiles (Until you gain the mutation for Hawkeye rockets doing more shield damage. Evasive Patterns is nice but ultimately unnecessary)

  • Make some Room (The knockback again helps when you’re pressured by melee characters and can be comboed behind your melee attack for an expanded pushback… Probably will get patched though, because it’s strong enough to knock Gralls out of the map atm.)

  • Ready Rockets (Tested both this and propulsion speed and the reload 30% speed boost is just so much more useful that I’d argue it’s near crucial.)

  • A Murder of Rockets/Rapid Reload (This really depends on how the rest of your traits look. I take Murder of Rockets - Fire 3 hawkeye rockets instead of 1 per skill use - because of the Mutation trait that makes Hawkeye rockets do more damage to shields synergizes well with this. Rapid reload is better if you prefer to add more traits to your regular rocket shots or did not take Ready Rockets)

  • LEVEL FREAKING 5! Alright, now we get shwifty. All three of the potential traits here are great and have uses depending on your playstyle. The triple jump is great for close-quarters fights where you can keep leaping over your opponent’s head and fire down on them AS WELL AS reach parts of the map that you wouldn’t normally be able to with just double jump (liftoff notwithstanding). The glide speed 25% boost gets you the hell out of danger so fast that you’re bound to make some angry kid say “Goddamn Benedict always running away arrghhhh!”

But Dive Bomb (Character rank 7) takes the cake for me.

This takes some devotion to Benedict to unlock, but Dive Bomb essentially gives you a 4th skill to play with. It makes it so that you can get your Peregrine Falcon on and dive down on enemies out of a glide (hit Melee while gliding) dealing massive damage (about 3 rockets worth) and a bit of a knock back. This move is great for securing kills or escaping, as Benedict zooms across the battlefield a decent distance. The angle is surprisingly lenient too, allowing you to cross a pretty wide distance rather than diving straight down. The downside is that if you miss, there is a little period of vulnerability when Ben crashes into the ground, but you can actually manage to “cancel” this crash animation by activating any of your other skills. Obviously Liftoff is best for this (and looks cool as hell diving down on someone and taking off instantly) but readying your Hawkeye rockets also cancels the animation.


The last bit of advice I’d give is that you should invest in some health regen equipment. Ben has rather lowish HP, so it helps to have some HP regen for once your shields are shredded.

Other than that… enjoy! Feel free to hit me up anytime you have any questions.


Thanks so much for this! Can you go into more detail about how to really use his glide mechanics? Do you have to hold the jump button cus I just seem to double jump not actually glide.

Also take a look at the animation cancel trick in this forum section!

Glide comes from holding secondary fire while in the air. So L2 on Ps4 and I assume left click on PC and LT on Xbone

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. . .Just trying him out for the first time, this really helped, thanks.