Benedict Video Guide: Rockets in your face yall!

Welcome back to Znoey Guides. Today we’re doing a guide on Benedict, the rocket hawk. His reload speed can really bring you down so be sure to equip something to speed up reload speed. It takes some getting used to leading your targets with rockets but with practise you’ll get the hang of it. The biggest boon to him is his ability to avoid melee combatants. Lift-Off into a glide will save your arse more than once. Just be sure nobody can shoot you if you’re escaping as gliding makes you a very easy target for anyone with range.

Video Link:

Video sections
Skills: 00:25
Helix: 03:32
Gameplay: 10:46

Here is my general Helix build:,1,-1,1,1,1,1,-1,1,-1,

Hey, sweet guide. I do not know about games like meltdown, but if you play capture, basically if you get in a fight you activate hawkeye to ensure the kill. Saves a lot of health, and hawkeye doesn’t have a super long cooldown so at least sometime during the next fight you should be able to use it again. I’m sure in meltdown you want to save it for a push (I didn’t watch all of the gameplay, but was pretty good from what I saw)

Also not sure if you mentioned it but you should try to pull the trigger immediately after firing off hawkeye, since it doesn’t count as normal rocket fire there’s no wait time inbetween shots, so the regular rocket will chase right after that hawkeye. I guess if you forget to reload for the hawkeye, you may not want to do this if you have only 3 rockets or something.

Anyways, again, great guide, couldn’t have done it better myself.

Hey Nice Tips & Thanks for the compliments.
Yea I’m finding that landing a hawkeye first lets me just blow through someone and if i don’t land the hawkeye, i just run for the CD to reset. Then I pretty much secure a kill on every encounter. It’s a lil cheap, I know, but I survive waay more often.