Benedict vs bosses and other mobs with small hit boxes issue

I brought this up in the beta boards but it go no attention, it is still an issue now in the release for me.

"When i fight some bosses especially ones with key hit spots i always get “immune” come up instead of a damage indicator or nothing comes up even when i use my boomsday ill see immune come up

this is also the same for the ice golems im hitting them in the hit spot but “immune” comes up alot.

and also on the bosses when i do moves like boomsday on them it will show no activity or immune on their health bar that i lowered their health"

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Ever since this went live, I feel like they made headshot so much easier to do with every char in general.

Take Thralls or example. I have been doing headshot on bone crushers with ease now that I’m doing merc camp duty as well on Overgrowth. The Brawl gun-shield thrall are still annoying to do so though.

Bosses are also easy to get headshot on now as well that I have been doing story with him to level him up and do his lore too. The only one I have issues with is Geoff but that’s because he comes with a 66% reduction to Benedict’s rocket for some reason.

i was just saying this last night i was able to get a ton of critles on those purple guy minions, bone crushers and thrualls?

but things like any ice golem creature and the conservator boss i cant do any damage to as benedict

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I just unlocked Benedict last night and took him on a solo jaunt thru Algorithm. I was having a blast until I got to the Ice Caves. It took me forever to complete the boss sequence. All I would see is: “IMMUNE, IMMUNE, IMMUNE, IMMUNE”… Please fix this…

Yes, All guardians are rediculously hard to hit with rockets. I hit the sentinel with boomsday in the chest and get immune, seriously. That whole mission is rediculous as Benedict because the guardians and galactic emperor-esque guys are impossible to kill. This isn’t bad aim, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

That said, it’s understandable why it isn’t fixed. It’s complicated fixing character specific damage hitboxes against specific enemies. This is a problem with a lot of AoE attacks though. Anything that’s explosive and doesn’t leave an AoE afterwards is useeless against these guys, which is frustrating when you play an AoE only character.

but they should still get hit by the splash damage then. if we hit there chest the splash damage is in range to hit there weak spot

I agree.