Benedict's Greatest Weakness

(GT: Eldritch Arcana) #1

I was playing a match as Kleese against Benedict, and we were constantly getting into long range firefights. I wasn’t super worried, but while firing at him with my wrist cannon I discovered something.

You can shoot Benedict’s rockets out of the air.

Knowing this, Benedict is nigh upon a non-threat when facing any ranged character head on. Simply shoot the rockets, shoot Ben rinse and repeat. This may help you fight post-buff Ben (who isn’t really all that much stronger) if you’re having trouble.

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(Ka-Klaw) #2

how much hp does the rocket have? I think if it’s low enough his regular wrist canon and taser can shoot them down

(GT: Eldritch Arcana) #3

yup. one shot with just about anything and they poof

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(Ka-Klaw) #4

So Kleese just spamming Taser stops it? That’s actually a good idea Gearbox came up with. Since it was more of a handicap in his past iterations now it’s more of a counter measure to keep him in check.

(RedX) #5

Yea… That’s if you have a kleese on your team or if you have an Oscar mike or any range character that’s not busy to shoot missles for you. If your a melee you can be screwed… Some Benedicts I played with shoot rockets like if they were going out of style. Still hard to shoot if they are bombarding your sentry and not the player itself.

(GT: Eldritch Arcana) #6

tbh it only works in 1v1 scenarios with ranged characters at mid to long range, where benedict already suffers

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I was going to say the fact that his rockets need a crazy lead so you can just walk 2 meter to the side and how he’s just a giant floating balloon while he flies around… but yea, shooting his rockets works as well I suppose.

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(Look children, it's the end of the world!! :D) #8

I’ve still had a few games where a player who is good at using him would just take out both of our sentries slowly without DIEING. He was made to be a character who can avoid damage by flying. It got to the point where I was wasting time aiming at him at all with other things going on. Are there other tips on how to like…actually KILL him?

(Jabrielthomas) #9

Didn’t actually know that.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #10

Question? Does this work with Galilea’s corruption? Her pull and stun already wreck him, but this could make her his hard counter

(Smokin' Jesus titty cinnamon, that is a glorious wingspan!) #11

Yeah… yeah… you can shoot my rockets.
That ain’t my greatest weakness though.
My greatest weakness is that trembling in my knees I get when I see my beautiful face in the mirror every morning.

Sings to mirror…

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