Benedict's Ultimate Needs a Buff

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I have been playing Benedict since the Beta and have focused a lot of time on him since the game was released. As a character he is dynamic and a deadly weapon if used correctly. But I feel that his Ultimate is his weakest ability/attack and doesn’t live up to the term “Ultimate”. When activating Boomsday Benedict fires a user guided rocket at his enemy, later in his Helix he can upgrade this Ultimate to increae area of effect radius or fire smaller multiple rockets. (At level 10 he even unlocks a mutation allowing a napalm drop at the site of detonation which is great but only happens at the end of the Helix) The area of effect radius isn’t bad, while the smaller rocket option isn’t useful in my opinion considering its difficult to reactivate unless you are firing from a distant range. Which brings me to this point. How does a direct hit (or headshot) on an enemy with this Ultimate NOT and I repeat NOT take out 50% or more health from a player? I have used this Ultimate many times and have watched myself hit my target directly and see their health BARELY MOVE! Sometimes it doesn’t even take an enemy’s shield fully down (and this is any “Ultimate” we are talking about.) I understand it would be over the top for a direct hit to be a 1 shot, but no one seems to have a problem with Rath being able to throw 3+ peope in his dreadwind ultimate and destroy everyone. I can hit him with a guided rocket and barely slow him down from his onslaught. I personally feel that close range (10-50ft) and shooting intto a crowd is the only way Benedict’s Ultimate does sufficient damage and this literally means guiding a rocket for 2 seconds or less. Defeating the purpose of having a “user guided rocket”. I’m not sure if the longer the rocket flies the less damage it does (which makes no sense) but it definitely isn’t getting any stronger as it soars to it’s target. It definitely needs to hit harder and it should be more effective if shot long distance and navigated to its target. Benedict is my go to character and is a deadly weapon in his own right, but of fine myself forgetting he has an ultimate except for when there’s someone 20ft away and I can shoot the rocket straight into my target barely guiding it because there’s no time. And Like I said previously, I have hit enemies directly with his Ultimate as clear as day so this isn’t an issue of accuracy, even if it direct hits, the enemy still walks away like they were only hit by an ability. Curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this and hoping they balance Benedict’s Ultimate to make it a little more “Ultimate”.

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Boomsday has never felt like an Ultimate. Was hoping it would be given some love after Open Beta.
Of course it wasn’t. Sadface.

Currently its only use is for clearing a group of lowest-tier minions.

(thewill2live1290) #3

Exactly!!! And even if it hits someone directly it doesn’t do sufficient damage. If you’re taking the time to take cover and shoot this rocket long distance (which leaves you incredibly vulnerable btw) it should at least have some powerful damage behind it otherwise you’re just shooting a normal rocket that can be guided after a long cool down. Which isn’t all that helpful.

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I agree completely I haven’t played him as much as you I’m presuming. I took him to rank 4, but I did notice that his ult is rather lackluster and even some of the dynamics of his kit. For example you cant shoot the dot rocket mid flight they should change that immediately, and I also believe his base flight speed should be increased to many too many times I have attemptted to fly away and I become the biggest target for all ranged attacks.

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I currently have him at Rank 13 and his Ultimate is just as ineffective, the only benefit is that at Rank 12 you unlock the mutation for Boomsday that leaves a napalm aoe on the ground upon its detonation, but it’s not until Rank 10 and shouldn’t be required to use the Ultimate effectively. And I hear you on the flight speed, but I feel I can still navigate quickly across the map and glide faster depending on the angle I’m at. Choosing the faster glide speed helix option over double jump is more beneficial. If you time your jumps and move from platform to platform or jump off hills then you won’t need the extra jump, I try to use liftoff to reach a higher up point, then from there liftoff again and glide wherever. The helix increase to glide speed option helps in those quick escape situations you mentioned. The key to escaping with Benedict is timing the liftoff, and gliding towards corners while taking incredibly sharp turns around every corner and zig zag while running until you get liftoff again. He is soagile that you can literally zig zag past bullets and dodge enemy abilities and grabs if you are quick enough. The way I look at it is if you see a Benedict on the ground more than half of the game then he isn’t doing it right. You should always be in the air, and don’t forget that you can activate liftoff at any time, so if you’re gliding away and are about to get hit, liftoff again and fly off to the side of around a few corners. Also if you tap the left trigger rather than hold it you basically “flap” your wings and can use that to control your glide or switch angles. It’s pretty useful if you glide towards open windows or cave like areas.

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(Benedict Informant) #6

A 750 instant damage, near instant cast, which you can control while being on the opposite side of the map, can increase the AoE, add multiples rockets or, with Mutation, leave a 60 damage per second AoE after detonation.
And you want to buff it?

Guys, it’s a finisher which peoples can’t escape unless they are aware of it coming and shoot at it, which is super risky btw.

(Dragonfire148) #7

I honestly have to say, I’ve NEVER seen this ult do more than about 400 damage even on direct hits to the head, and that’s taking the time where I could’ve done more with basic rockets. It needs a rework or a buff in some regard.

(thewill2live1290) #8

I agree with Dragonfire, damage isn’t up to par and it’s easier to spam rockets then take a moment to focus the Ult. And controlling it from the opposite side of the map is fun and all until you direct hit someone and barely hurt them, more than dissappointing. The multiple rocket mutation is only effective if you have enough time to reactivate it and in most situations you dont. And the massive aoe dmg you are talking up is at level 10. So by the end of the match your Ult is actually worth hitting by why does it take so long to be useful. So yes it could be buffed to make it more worthwhile, especially considering if you get killed while guiding the Ult I’m pretty certain it cancels it out

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(Benedict Informant) #9

Personally i rarely use it at long range anyway, unless a friend tell me someone is running away with low health.
Most of the time i use it at melee range to finish someone.

(thewill2live1290) #10

Same, I find melee range is the only good time to use it. If anything they should give it a damage boost based on how long it’s in the air before detonation. Then it would give it us a more satisfying reason to shoot it at a longer range and attempt to guide it into an enemy without detonating early.


My biggest problem with Benedict’s ultimate is the “rockets firing rockets.” option on level 10 of the helix. I love the idea of fire multiple rockets and bombarding enemies but its to slow it firing them. I can’t use it at close or medium range. Heck even long range it’s not always able to be used effectively. The additional rockets fired by the ultimate need to be pointed at the target and SLOWLY fire one at a time. The main rocket can’t be slowed down and that doesn’t give me much time to have it pointed at my target before it collides which is required if those additional rockets are to hit. There’s simply not enough time. the makes this helix choice sometimes simply feel useless which is sad because it is exactly the kind of thing I adore. MASSIVE OVERKILL with so many rockets rather then just one big explosion. I’d like to see us be able to control the speed of the main rocket or increase the speed of the additonal rockets that fire from it. Like have them all deploy at once. Or even have the smaller ones lock on saving us the need to aim and making the ultimate more versitile.

I digress. In regards to the power of the ultimate itself without the “Rockets firing Rockets.” choice on the helix. It does say it does 500 damage which is quite high for a single attack. If we look at Benedicts health at level 1 is about 830 last time I checked and his shield was about 300. These stats are a frame of reference. That would mean 500 hundred damage would take him down to 3/4 of his health even with full shields. No shields? then bam 1/4th health. It seems like a decent amount of damage for an ultimate that does not require one to put the character in any danger like rath’s dreadwind does. He has to be right next to the character to do any damage with it. Yes it’s more powerful but Rath can take damage and even be killed while using it. Benedict’s ultimate on the other hand allows him to be the cocky A@@ he is. Just shoot it from a safe distance and do a TON of damage in an instant.

In regards to it doing less then 500 damage in certain instances you have to remember gear and buffs and damage resistances and the like are a factor. So sometimes it might do less. This doesn’t make it useless. It just means spam it. like constantly. It’s not a one time use, just a cooldown. so use it as much as possible. whenever possible.

Finally I’d like to take a look at Rath’s stats. His ultimate dreadwind, does 85 damage a second for 8 seconds. Rounding that up to a hundred, (not the best at math ;)) that means the most damage (minus buffs and gear and whatnot.) Rath can do with Dreadwind in one use is 800 damage. That’s only if he stays in contact with the target the whole time and factoring in the danger he puts himself in while doing so. Kinda a big target the spinning red tornado. He might do 300 extra damage but he has to put his neck on the line. I feel like he might have earned it. Think about it a moment. A dreadwind attack that moves with Benedicts Boomsday’s speed AND can be guided. You can run from Rath’s Dreadwind but not Boomsday. And a Boomsday that powerful. Everyone will be throwing down their controllers at how frequently they are killed by it. What defense is there? Very little. Yet with a Rath character I have learned to keep him at a distance.

(thewill2live1290) #12

Just remember when you compare his heath at level 1 to the damage of his Ultimate, don’t forget that Ultimates don’t unlock until level 5. So the comparison to health isn’t as relevant considering you won’t usually be hitting your Ultimate on level 1’s unless you greatly out level them. But I still understand your point regarding the versatility of the super and how it makes up for the single target damage, my only thing though is if you are taking the time to shoot longer distance and guide it, there’s no reason you can’t gain slightly more dmg on it due to it gaining speed as it flies to its target. Just a suggestion. And I don’t use the multiple rocket option for the Helix for the same reasons you mentioned. I stack blast radius so it can target groups more efficiently. I’m not saying to buff up the Ultimate so it becomes overpowered, but a small benefit to long distance guiding couldn’t hurt. And regarding Rath and his dmg output. The physical numbers don’t carry as much weight in my opinion, considering Rath an compliment his Ultimate with all his stun/ silence abilities (pop someone up with Catalytic Smash and catch them in Dreadwind. But someone explain how you can compliment Benedict’s Ultimate when I’m pretty sure you can’t even activate it in mid flight (correct me if I’m wrong, there’s a chance that I am. Not saying every character should be able to, but it creates imbalance when Rath can chain everything together while I’m shooting a guided rocket into his face and watch him eat it with a smile. And it’s not just Rath, Galilea chains hers together with abilities. Montana has a stomp that goes with his attacks, Miko has a healing aoe to help with healing. The only way Benedict can combo his Ultimate is if he hits someone with rockets and then blasts them from 10feet away (why make it guided if it’s that close range anyhow) or you could say you can hit Hawkeye and shoot a few rockets then hit the Ultimate, by the time you get that combo off your target has probably fled and your guided rocket is going to hit a corner or wall. These are just my opinions in regards to the character so I mean no offense by anything I say. And I’m greatful for all the feedback on this topic. There’s a chance it could bring attention to certain questionable aspects of Benedict and call for a slight balance of his character.

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(Benedicted ) #13

Honestly, it would be OP if it was buffed.

Basically, it’s ment to be a finisher. After you rain rockets of murder on someone by surprise and they’re running for their lives… you unleash Boomtown!

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(FoLxPop) #14

Wait, why the heck does Boomsday need a buff?! It’s a player guided missile for cryin out loud…I’ve been playing a lot of Benedict lately, and Boomsday is one of the best finishers in the game. It can follow retreating players around corners without the danger of giving chase. You should never be activating Boomsday for anything other than finishing off an opponent.

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(Ecfnw80) #15

The Rath stats are inaccurate, earlier I had a Rath do roughly 1750 damage in about 2 seconds with his Ult. My biggest problem with Boomsday is the 85 second cooldown, while Rath’s is only about 50-55 seconds.

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(Zombie Masher) #16

A lot of Benedict’s “problems” disappear when you unlock the Air Mail loader, including the excessive cool-down on Boomday.
He’s kind of on a knife edge because of it - I mean, how can he reasonably not be under-powered without it, if he doesn’t become over-powered when he gets it.
That cool-down reduction is no joke.

(Rbg1032) #17

The only problem I have with benedict is that his rockets just don’t move fast enough. Thorn, melka, cali, etc. are usually able to double jump before one rocket hits the ground making it next to impossible to hit her. However if I do manage to land a homing rocket I can out trade thier damage but again I have to hit a homing rocket.

(Benedict Informant) #18

Attack at melee range with Benedict. Don’t attack at long range unless you have to, or just want to be annoying.

Literally fly above someone who don’t expect you, drop on them as you use Hawkeye (With the +2 rockets helix choice, which does around 166 damage at Level 4 per rockets.) then rocket their faces (I also melee, personally, it save a rocket or two)
Usually, whoever is at the receiving hand will panic under the shear amount of explosions and damage they suddenly received.
And at level 5 you just finish them with Boomsday, still at close range (And if you are safe)

Of course that mean choosing your targets (Not Montana, or ISIC, as an example) and setting up a kill dozens of seconds before (Destroying turrets, finding a spot to glide from, etc)

(battleaxe0) #19

The ultimate is easy to screw up.
If you fire it and you’re too close to a wall or structure, it blows up - lost ultimate. If any part of the missile gets too close to a structure or terrain feature as it flies, it blows up - lost ultimate. If you happen to be firing from ground level and line it up so you’re not facing any structures or terrain, your team-mate will run right in front of you as you fire - lost ultimate.

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(Randomtask) #20

It would be nice if it was like Caldarius hitting the roof, though if it does no damage give back a part of the ultimate.