Benedict's Ultimate Needs a Buff

(BMAN201ii) #21

Yeah his Ultimate is a little underwhelming for me, mainly because it feels like he has 1 offensive skill instead of 2, prior to popping Boomsday. The reason I say that is because I am not 100% pleased with his take-off skill (Liftoff?). If it propelled Benedict quicker & higher into the air, then I would keep Boomsday as is (mainly for clearing minions, low level groups of enemies - that’s how it’s most effective for me).

It’d be great if Boomsday was a 1 hit kill on all enemies (especially if landed directly or popped at point blank range) only because Benedict can’t get rushed and needs a quick “bailout” whether that be evasive or offensive. So if people don’t want Boomsday buffed, I’d ask to have his Liftoff skill buffed a bit that can at least launch him out of direct harm’s way. Liftoff does combine well with double/triple jump but the cooldowns can be long.

Since Liftoff is not an offensive attack of sorts, I try to make up for it by combining Hawkeye with 5 rockets already loaded…basically, I pop Hawkeye first (3 rapid rockets) then spam my 5 regular rockets to max out damage against enemy AI. In PvP, I dont care to use Benedict outside Meltdown. But if I’m missing out on anything please fill me in.

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It has 500 damage not 750

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[quote=“Corrsk, post:1, topic:1335245, full:true”]Boomsday: 525-550-575-600-625-650-675-700-725-750
+25 Damage growth per level.[/quote]
From Level 1 to 10 (Which mean it start at 625 damage)


I mean, I think it needs a damage buff (and needs to be able to hurt guardian mobs) but not one of a high caliber, 10% maybe. It’s not meant to be a damage dealer, it’s a last resort chase or a quick finish that would otherwise potentially be your death. That said, it doesn’t deal wuite the amount of damage you think it would for being what it is.

At least it’s not Toby’s ult >.> that thing is… well… Imagine turning his dps lower but a constant dps over single shots. Only it also slows you down. And makes it so you can use any skills. But at least you can’t exit out of the ultimate prematurely to get away from death. (montana and oscar mike both can kill you before you can kill them with your ult, both at full health, montana doesn’t even need his shields.) Oh, and it leaves you really open to stuns/knockups.

Be glad benedict is not toby, seriously, benedict’s ult should have a slight buff, but toby’s needs a full rework or modifications to current debuffs and buffs while using the ult.

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A buff? That ultimate is pretty much the sure thing killing blow. The only complaint I have is the cooldown seems a bit high for an ultimate that does leave you very vulnerable while you’re guiding the missile. But if you time it right at close range it’ll definitely get you a kill OR let you get the kill one that enemy who thinks they’re safe after they just cleared the corner.