Benjamin, cause who said a Varelsi couldn't be a battleborn

Well me and my friend were thinking and we realized that out of the many characters already in the game there is no Varelsi. We understood this is a hard thing to do because lore and all that stuff is kind of difficult but considering we have no idea how the Varelsi contacted Rendain in the first place and somehow did something to convince him to betray his comrades we figured screw it let’s make a Varelsi. We realized that Orendi is a weird half Varelsi thing (we haven’t gotten very many lore stuff at the moment) but she’s not a pure Varelsi so here you all go.

Name: Benjamin
Class: Tank
Primary: Void Knife - Three hit melee combo ending in aoe spin
Alt: Tentacle arm - ranged attack that pulls him toward enemy
Passive: Matter/Anti-Matter(name not final) - Stack of damage resist/ Attack damage gained from taking damage/dealing damage. 6% damage resist per stack(max 5)/4% damage per stack(max 5). Cannot gain both kinds of stacks at once, must wait five seconds before it can gain the other kind of stacks.
Skill 1: Warp Throw - Throw knife dealing 158 - 215 damage, can reactivate
To blink to knife landing location ( 12 sec cooldown, 6 if not reactivated
Skill 2: Rebalancing - Instantly switch Matter/Anti matter Stacks to the other side (25 sec cooldown)
Ult: Instantly gain max stacks of both Matter/Anti Matter for 15 secs, after which he loses all stacks and cannot gain anymore for 7 secs while also taking 15 % extra damage
Character Design: Verelsi Berserker Captured after trying to aid the battle born in their fight. Has a makeshift “Translator” Harness that covers neck, Half way down the chest and back, and makes him hunch from the weight. Speaks inside head in a proper, posh british accent, while the translator makes it say offensive, crass, and self derogatory remarks.
[On seeing enemy](inside head) Well, they look like a stand up fellow!
(inside head) No, that’s not what i said at all!

[On Re-Spawning](inside head) Excuse me, this harness is very itchy
(inside head) Why would i like that?

Character Interactions: Dislikes almost every battleborn (especially rouges and jennerit) except orendi, because she can hear what he’s really saying.
[On seeing toby](inside head) Your machinery looks bad, so you should feel bad!
(In head) Good, at least we can agree on something.

We have yet to come up with the a full helix for him but here is some of the stuff we came up with so far:
-his left side would be called a true gentleman and would be focused on defense while the right side would be called unleash the beast and would be focused on offense
-He can swap out his AOE spin for three consecutive stabs each stab on the same target returns a portion of the damage back as health (0/30/50%)
-Instead of waiting five seconds to gain new stacks you slowly lose stacks as you gain more of the opposite stack allowing for both defense and offense
-His tentacle arm pulls enemies towards him or his tentacle arm can now latch onto the environment for mobility (obviously this talent would be called spider uncle Ben) both increase range of his tentacle arm
-(this would be his ult mutation on his helix) Allows Benjamin to go beyond the 15 seconds of his normal ult, however the once he gets stacks of unstability once he reaches a (currently unknown) number of stacks he explodes instantly killing himself and dealing massive damage to enemies around him. All stacks of unstability are lost upon death.

If you couldn’t already tell this character is meant to stay in the thick of the battle, me and my friend decided to make this due to the Rogues lack of a tank. Currently we have support, mid-range dps, mid to long-range dps, and turret. But there is no close range and no tank in the mix. I plan on hopefully updating this with at least a full helix and some of if not all of the mutations. Neither me nor my friend is great in the art department so if you like this character and wanna give old Benjamin some sort of appearance we would greatly appreciate that.

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Orendi is actually a varimorph, and has nothing to do with the Varelsi.

I’d say Galilea is closer to the Varelsi, because the general color scheme when corrupted resembles that of the Varelsi void.


His personality sounds like klieg from borderlands

I’ll be honest, didn’t read all of it, just a lot of text and I’m a little tired, but all in all, I believe a varelsi battleborn would be something that should come down the line, like Krieg from borderlands (who is supposedly tiny tina’s father which was a guy in BL1 who asked you to find his adult mags his wife through out, but, not important) really hope something like this happens.