Berrigan Brag Topic

I know that we have an item finds of the day topic but I think we need to have a thread just to brag about the Berrigan. Why? Because it is an awesome badass weapon so it desevers it’s own thread.
So If you got one post pics so you can brag and others can be jealous!
Here is mine:

Would you like a Legendary Rocket Launcher or a Green Shield?

Decisions, Decisions…

Thats a green class mod…

oooooh, so it is.

I dont have Jack, so I dont take too much attention to what his COMs look like.

So what does it do? What makes it awesome? I’m curious now…

Edit: nvm I read the link.

Im not 100% but I think I heard somewhere it badicaly burst fires rockets.

Yea apparently it fires like 6 of them in a burst for the cost of 1. Could be cool for a future boss-fight I guess.

Is the reward random? I just finished the badass round and I got the plunket again. If I try and take it again it still shows that I will get a blue sniper or green classmod… Is my holodome broken?

No everything is fine. The items displayed in the quest log are not the only rewards you can get. It’s randomized.

Holodome Onslaught’s only redeeming feature is the insane loot you get for beating it (along with the extra 10 levels).

So, like, true story. I finished up a round of the Holodome and approached Holo-TRP for my reward–a Berrigan. I hadn’t even heard of this thing before. I was like, “Damn, I can’t wait to check this out!” Then my computer crashed–which it does WAAAAYYY TOO FREQUENTLY when I am in the Holodome. When I restarted the game, the Berrigan was gone. Haven’t seen one since.