Berserker Banshee (Level 65 Mayhem 11 TVHM Phaseslam) Melee/Slam Hybrid Build

Probably the most versatile Melee Amara setup that I could come up with. Can use most melee and slam artifacts, roid shields, and nova shields to boot. This also can be used in conjunction with Phaseslam to help sweep most content in the game on M11. Hope you guys enjoy!

0:00 Intro
3:51 Brief Breakdown of Phaseslam
6:05 Weapons
10:02 Shields
13:46 Grenades
15:01 Class Mods
16:40 Artifacts
19:14 Brawler (Green Tree)
20:42 Fists of the Elements (Red Tree)
22:15 Enlightened Force (Purple Tree) + augment choices
23:18 Guardian Rank
24:01 Athenas Mobbing Demonstration
31:50 Graveward Bossing Demonstration

Build Description Here!: Berserker Banshee - Google Docs

Save File Download!: 136.sav - Google Drive

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UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the Muse Com that I included in the footage is not possible for it to drop naturally with +3 into illuminated fists. I was unaware of a fix that occurred to prevent the com from being that way, so that is entirely my fault. I’ll be sure to include a normal Muse Com in the Save File, with the same White Text Rolls and +3 into Laid Bare instead. Apologies!