Berserker Banshee - Loadout 5: "Void Walker”

Part 5 of 5 of the loadouts I like to use with Berserker Banshee Amara. This one revolves around the usage of the Void Rift, a DLC2 Cryo shield that combines the effects of the Riposte Impaler and the Black Hole from the base game. With it’s abilities to cryo enemies from decent distance, with both the singularity/nova and homing spikes that shoot out when taking bullet damage, this compliments a melee and slam playstyle very well, as they both require the Vault Hunter to be in close proximity to make the most out of their respective playstyles.




0:00 - Trial of Survival (Muse Set Up)
5:31 - Cistern of Slaughter: Round 1 (Breaker Set Up)
8:42 - Round 2
11:50 - Round 3
13:38 - Round 4
17:50 - Round 5