Best 4 Character Co-Op Team?

My optimal team would be Master Aurelia wurh Servant CS Athena, Brotrap Clappy using Middle skill tree and then a team ammo regen Jack with his team vinyses skill tree.

What do you guys think?

For me I’d replace the Jack with a Wilhelm. Overcharge for fire rate and ammo regen, and Laser Guided for 25% more killing efficiency.

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Athena - Aurelia - Nisha - Timmy/Willy

Athena, Aurelia, and Nisha are a killer team for a multitude of reasons. im split between Timmy and his digi-Jacks and Wilhelm with Wolf and Saint. That being said any 4 toons can make a dangerous team if each person plays their role in the team

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How about an all Fragtrap team specced into the middle tree, using Brotrap mods and explosive builds?

Claptrap, Claptrap, Claptrap and Claptrap. Not even Debateable.

(Probably Athena for Tanking and Healing, WIlhelm for Ammo Regen and Laser Guided, Nisha for Generalised Violence and Jack for Emergency Backup Handsomeness.)

1 Athena for taking the agro and 3 clappies