Best 4-Player Co-op Team?

And I don’t mean just for mobbing or just for bossing. Pick your 4 VHs (even 4 Fl4ks, for example), build them out, describe the synergies/roles each carries. What does your dream team look like?

Me? I’d take 2 Fl4k’s with the same (or very similar builds) for the ridiculous HP regeneration sharing (7% to their allies, per Fl4k), then a Moze and an Amara for target softening. Not taking Zane was a tough decision, but I think having 2 pets and a two face-tankers will be plenty to keep the Fl4ks out of the line of fire for some of their damage buffs.

Oh, right. You probably want to check out the build links.

I built Amara into an elemental effect focused Siren without any HP buffs so Fl4k’s regen can be as effective as possible, while giving every baddie a healthy helping of the elemental explosion virus. Adding double-cast action skills with target softening from Laid Bare is a great damage boost to the team, with crowd control from Allure. On top of that, each enemy Amara tags with her action skill, or the extra projectiles, or an elemental weapon, or Wildfire’s free spreading – they all funsplode whenever anyone kills them. Free damage, little effort. It’ll be like a wildfire of novas!

Moze, for her part, is going to be the tank of the build. Speccing into Shield of Retribution without taking Thin Red Line is great for both survivability and taking full advantage of Fl4k’s shared health regen. Where the Fl4ks can dish out huge damage to one target, Moze can rush around the field with explosions proccing on regular shots, boosting damage with Drowning in Brass and her own survivability with Phalanx Doctrine. Moze is also the most likely to survive being downed, what with tossing grenades in FFYL. Auto Bear is more damage tanking, as is the bubble shield, and Selfless Vengeance is free team damage. Can’t forget free shield regen as soon as she pops her action skill, for maximum team suvivability!

Comments? Suggestions? Dream teams? Discuss!
I would love to see a speed demon team with 4 Amaras, or 3 Amaras and a Zane… if you’re looking for inspiration. :wink:


Haven’t worked it out, but. 3 Barrier Zanes with the shield effect distribution, rocking Melee shields, and an Amara stacked out to melee. The three barriers should transfer a massive melee boost to Amara who is already boosting. In theory we’re talking about a literal walking tank.


The best team is Amara, Zane, Moze and FL4K. no duplicates because REASONS!


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