Best all around shield for FL4k

Happy Holidays my little BL3 freaks :blush:… admittedly, the one piece of gear I have kept constant almost the entire game is my shield and that has been and continues to be The Transformer. Truth be told, I have no idea how any of the other shields work or there synergies. I run a Rakk build and focus on Crit hits mostly. I have all the 50% dmg on ASE anointments for the Transformer but wonder if I’m missing out on a God like shield that may keep you alive constantly. I consider myself a pretty good player but simply want to try some new things and welcome any input.

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If you’re looking for a shield just to keep you alive with no extra perks, the Re-Charger isn’t too bad. Since it automatically refills to full upon break, you’re essentially getting double what it says on the card. If you find one with 11k+ you’re running over 20,000 shield most of the time. I’ve been using a 12k one I found since the first week of the game on my FL4K and it never disappoints. I can play a bit reckless and only go for crits a lot of times cause the shield will bail me out, even on M4.

Stop-Gap is another good one. You’re immune to damage for 5 seconds on shield break, and it begins recharging in 5.5 seconds.

It also drops boosters. The effect of those boosters do change, so keep an eye out for ones that help boost your specific build.

Both of those things depend entirely on the specific shield rolls and not being a stopgap.

No, the 5 seconds of immunity to damage with 5.5 second recharge is on all Stop-Gaps.

That’s what makes it a Stop-Gap.

Booster drops are on all of them as well, but the booster effect changes.

Other effects can be added as well, but they will always have 5 seconds of immunity/5.5 second recharge and booster drops.

I guess these stopgaps aren’t stopgaps then right?

Again, those are roll specifics not stopgap specifics. The ‘stop-gap’ is the 5 seconds immunity, nothing more. They can all come with 2 rolls of any type besides that. And 5.5 is common but obviously not the only roll it can have as I’ve shown here twice.

I’ll throw in a couple more fun examples I just dropped to show how much they can vary.

Stopgap Screenshots

Yes they all have the 5 sec immunity but as @kabflash just proved, they do NOT all drop boosters. I have 5 and none drop boosters.

Thanks for the replies. I just may break out of Transformer mode and try something news.

I love how the stopgap and recharger work wit Fl4k especially rakk builds and Fadeaway.
Imo the blue and red trees can also make some fun Nova builds if you’re not trying to do speed runs.