Best annointment for the new weapons

What annointment is best for the Wedding Invitation and Polyamorous? ASE +50% elements are always great on Jakobs weapons but IIRC the explosion counts as splash damage so maybe the +125% splash damage perk? The new SMG seems to work like the Vibrapulse from Borderlands TPS, but I don’t know if the stream deals splash or not, as idk how to calculate splash damage. Can someone please inform this poor soul?

Was just about to start a similar thread so I’ll piggy back on yours – I’m wondering whether the “next 2 mags” anoint on a Wedding Invitation could last as long as you keep hitting crits since you get back the ammo.

Which is best depends on your character. It’s a low DPS gun so it’s terrible for getting second winds and horrendous at killing anything unless there’s at least 4 targets close together.

Amara can, of course, make it hit everything in range of a fist and then put out a couple tendrils to 2 more in-range targets so there’s that.

Otherwise DPS is best in anything past No Mayhem TVHM.

As near as I care to tell it works almost exactly like a Burzum (Vladoff Alien Barrel AR) but hits one more target. No, it doesn’t deal Splash to secondary targets but it DOES like to seek out crit spots on them.

I agree with your Amara observation, I think Polyaimourous will pair very well with her Sustainment skill. 3/5 Sustainment Coupled with Stillness of Mind and Ties that Bind would provide very potent healing on Phasezerker/Driver Builds.

I just got this beauty

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I was given one with 100% cryo damage while SNTNL is active for my Zane. Is there a 100% damage ASE anointment for snipers? Just wondering.

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Dunno, haven’t tested it but the Juliet’s Dazzle keeps the “next 2 mags” annointment going when it reloads after a kill…so I imagine it should stay active.

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I got one with 125% incendiary on next 2 mags on moze, it absolutely wreck shiz up. I’m getting anywhere between 200k-1m crits (depending on overkill or not). My mag is boosted to 10 and it’s pretty much impossible to run empty the mag.

I’ve been having some fun with it in slaughter shaft. :+1:


Beautiful, really need to find one with 125% incendiary… “Stuck” with one that has +100% damage on ASE.

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Dang. Best I got out of the 4 tries is 100% Damage for enemies damaged by Rack Attack. Still, should do some serious damage.

Only 2 out of the 6 Wedding Invitations I’ve gotten so far we’re annointed. Where as all 6 smg’s were.

Gamma Burst 115% and AutoBear 30% cool down. Holding out hope for an annointment I’ll actually use, hardly ever use Gamma Burst and Moze is the character I play the least.

I made a build around this last night it was a ton of fun and pretty damn broken (use Red Fang). I suggest trying it out!

Good to hear. I need to. Really only messed with Gamma Burst a little early game with a new character replay. Always used Fade Away and Rakk Attack.

If GB isn’t your thing I’ll take it off your hands lol.