Best anoint on a shield in Rocketeer Build?

I’m thinking 130% Fire Damage while Auto Bear is Active. But can it even come on a shield??

I am always enamored with big numbers and an extra 130% sounds enticing…and for like 2 and a half minutes.

But I KNOW it’s never that simple in this game.

If not this…suggestions?

You should avoid the 130% AB anointment like the plague - it’s just another elemental anointment that has zero synergy with splash damage and Short Fuse.

Honestly with a Rocketeer mod, I see that as even more incentive to just stick with +30% CDR per kill, seeing as using the class mod as intended entails going through the entire cooldown duration.


Good to know - if you have any gear with this anointment, send it to me and I’ll make sure it gets recycled.

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That anointment doesn’t roll on shields.

My to go to combinations are the Amp down anointment on a Big Boom Blaster shield that has rolled an amp part.


A frozen heart with Nova in/out or Action skill start. (The first option is better for hybrid builds).

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Has anyone tested to confirm that the in/out nova anoint gets the 3000% mayhem scaling?

Tbh though, the 30% CDR is probably the best anoint for Rocketeer as it will allow you to reposition AB more frequently.

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In/out bear nova does receive mayhem scaling and at level 65 it is stronger than any of the legendary nova shields. I was doing 15 million to flesh targets with a level 65 Nova Berner with every in and out.


Plus Ultra kinda diminishes the importance of the 30% cooldown anoint.
I’ve been doing a bit of Rocketeer while clearing some content and even without any points in Grizzled and Explosive Punctuation I’m generally able to get my action skill back on time to reposition. I’m assuming (though I haven’t tried it) that with some points in cooldown skills it will be good enough for pilot builds as well.

I’m experiencing very similar with zero points in grizzled or explosive punctuation however my plus ultra does have the 30% cool down anoint so I’m not sure if that anoint is juuuuust enough to keep my IB ready to reposition or if I just flat don’t need it on a Rocketeer build.

I need to get another one without the anoint to test.

For Piloted OR Rocketeer builds…I frankly think it’s meta unless you are doing something crazy.

And if we frankly don’t need the CDR anoint with a Rocketeer. What would be a good replacement?


What do you guys think the best additional perks on a Plus Ultra could be?

More Health?

Shield cap and recharge for your Infantry Moze?

Amp damage?

Something crazy like a Nova on break now that Novas have been buffed. Would entry and exit Novas anoint synergize at all with it?

I’ve been putting one point in grizzled. Between auto bear and myself we kill everything to get the skill back quick.


I would say power charge for extra damage if you’re not using it in a deathless build (although I’m not sure it can spawn with that part). Capacity won’t matter against the end-game enemies and it already doubles health, so I wouldn’t prioritize Health parts either.

Not sure how Novas work so I can’t answer that, unfortunately.

I think there are some parts that cause health regeneration but again with that size of health it may be counterproductive. And Lordy you are correct about endgame stuff like the guardian take down and how quickly and easily they pop your shield like a soap bubble and it doesn’t seem to matter what size of shield you have.

Those flying kamikaze thingies that come screaming out of the air from nowhere and ram you in the Guardian take down come to mind.

@Prismatic Do you know what Perks the plus ultra can legally spawn with?

It does come with power charge. I managed to get two.