Best assualt rifle?

what is the best assault rifle in bl tps. ?

I would say the hail, and I’ll move your post to where more people might see it

The machine :grinning:.


Depends on what you mean by best, but yeah, the hail is super good.

I see what you did there.

I’d say Hail or Ol’ Painful. The latter seems to have a way higher ignite chance than the card shows.

The Hail because it can work both in and out of vacuum and every character can make good use of it. Throw in the Moxxi healing and you have a well-rounded AR.

Depends on your character. I really like glitched Rifle (torgue ARs like Ogre in BL2) in characters that benefit from explosive damage (eg. clappy, Jack, Aurelia)

I really like Major Tom on Athena. Good for hipfiring, even greater for mobbing at distances.

I know Hail is statistically probably one of the best weapons, but I just don’t like it.

It REALLY depends on your character and personal playstyle

Do you like to spew lead in all directions or are you more of a “carefully aiming for crits” type ?

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The Fusillade is very good

My dad’s a scientist!

love me a hammer buster, something about an AR that pretends to be a sniper, but with a quick trigger finger can unload like lightning I like that. Plus I fell in love with the design of the magazine in the BL 2 trailers, glad it showed up in TPS, and hope it comes to the party in 3.

Only after they being back the Bekah…

It’s very good, but I like the Kerboom on Clappy.

I could never get it to drop. Farming tubbys, loot midgets, even Tina’s slot machines which sometimes drop a pearl. If they bring it back I’d like a shift code for it haha


Lol yea same here. I never saw the second wave of pearls. Gearbox made them way to ridiculous to get in my opinion. After 2 and half years of trying i finally gave up and was given the newer pearls by someone. Tubbys were the only way to get the bekah and a few others

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Different answers for different characters. I like the Hammer Buster for Nisha, Athena is never without her Skewering Hail, Claptrap uses a Torgue Spitter.