Best BB Crossover?

  • Battleborn X Borderlands
  • Battleborn X TF2
  • Battleborn X Overwatch
  • Battleborn X Paladins
  • Battleborn X League of Legends

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Comment what BB crossover yall like to see. Not like as an official crossover, but like as a fan project or something.


I can’t wait for the diverse number of answers :joy:


Battleborn X The Fast and the Furious

A powerful villain forces Dom and his crew to pull their biggest heist yet: stealing the body of an alien invader from a government laboratory! With elaborate distractions involving a Nissan Skyline and a Ford GT, the crew ends up with the cryogenically frozen alien in their possession. But it turns out the alien isn’t dead at all, and it has the power to tear holes in the space-time continuum! Dom, Letty, Tej, Roman, Hobbes and the rest of the team find themselves sucked into a strange portal thanks to the alien, ending up on an unfamiliar floating city held high above a stormy planet.

There they encounter a spaceship and meet the Battleborn! After a badass, manly fistfight, Dom and Ghalt find a mutual respect. The F&F crew will help the Battleborn fight the evil Varelsi aliens and the Battleborn will try to help the F&F crew find a way home! Will Nova end up competing in a street race? You bet your butt she will! Will El Dragon form a tag team with the Rock to put Earth’s number 1 criminal in jail? Yup! Will Dom jump a classic Dodge Charger into the side of a Jennerit Hovertank and walk out of the ensuing explosion unscathed? Damn straight!

Gearbox Software and Universal Studios, you can make the cheque out to Genericktag.