Best bladed guns for meleeing enemies (not face puncher)

im just trying to make sure i am using the best stuff. so far the good ones ive found are the buttplug, wich can crit. the leech. only has 40% melee damage but gets moxxie healing, havent played with it too much, but could be a good way to stay healed up while using the dragon or 80% melee dmg artifact. ive also found a COV pistol with 140% melee damage. is there somthing with other cool effects out there? also the ripper. but i dont like that one

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Buttstabber does more melee damage than any other gun in the game, it does more damage at base than a 120% melee gun with 200% melee after Phaseslam for some reason, you can also get it anointed for more melee damage if you’re using Unleash the Dragon or more splash damage if you’re using the White Elephant, but getting it anointed in the first place is absurdly rare, and then getting the right bonus is even more so.

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even when you melee with the leech? i thought the lifesteal is on the alternative firing mode only.

Youre talking about the Buttplug right? Isnt that a quest reward? That would make an annointed version much rarer

Yep, getting an annointed quest reward is like winning the lottery, it’s too absurdly rare to be worth farming tbh. Getting one with 125% splash damage anointment would be the dream for anyone who uses the White Elephant relic, and getting one with 100% Melee anointment is perfect for anyone using Unleash The Dragon.