Best Borderlands, thus far

Yes, I have played them all. Yes, I have encountered numerous inconvenient bugs in all of them (except tales, I think). Yes, I have played single and multiplayer in all of them (except multi in tales). Yes, I have been drinking ( it IS Saturday… I think). No, I am not affiliated with this game, in any way, except as a long standing customer.

I have fought my way through some bugs and performance issues ( some of which I think should have been caught right off), but I cannot deny, even to myself, that this iteration of Borderlands is my favorite; best graphics, gun gameplay, gun design, map layouts, vehicles, customization, Maya hairdo, game options, menu interface, character skill options, bedroom options?, maya hairdo, etc., etc. thus far.

I am guessing that, given time ( I am not your beta tester! Ahem…) this will clearly be even more… better?.. what was I saying? Oh, yes, I am having a lot of fun with this game, as I did with the others ( I’m really looking at you, 2, you little…) and can’t wait for the finished, polished result.

P.S. hear a lot about the story not being as good. Really? I love story in games. A lot. This game, included, but these were never games about story. The story in these games were always about giving me a reason to kill, and an excuse to allow me to use a face puncher to do it. Like I need a reason…


Shame what happened to Maya but yes her new look was Godly. That developer deserves a raise. Seeing her kick ass with the robe as well was a nice touch. Really made her feel a bit more mystical and like she had ancient powers unlocked.

Was hoping we would get a DLC where Lilith and Maya and us(me Amara) open a Vault together since she promised to fight a Vault with Lilith before she left. And obviously promised Krieg she would come back to meet him. So many Maya tears were shed when I 100% the game knowing she wont be in DLC

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I DID really like her new “Jedi” vibe she was rocking. Having spent so much time with her, I was only more inspired to right the wrongs, so to speak… or, rather, NOT speak, but right by other means…

Wait a minute… What?.. You said something positive about a game on a GAMING FOURM!?
Yes Sir it’s quite obvious you have been drinking. I can smell it from here…
Sir please step OUT of the car so we can conduct some field soberitey tests…


I never shed that I have been drinking, occifer . I believe that I shed that today was Shaturday, and… it IS Shaturday, right?.. that I wash just trying to find Maya…


I agree. Although Maya suffered a little in my “who I like” list when she refused to let me go on.

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game play wise yes it is far superior to bl2, but story wise. it is worse then 1. at least in 1 they were introducing you to the game, went on a big adventure, and killed the destroyer sort of. the end boss was disappointing, but no more worse then when you find out, yep that is the boss of 3 also.


I really loved bl2, that was my personal favorite. One of my favorite games of all time to be honest, even right up there with a few from the Zelda series and goldeneye. I have faith bl3 will be a great game too though once we get more content. I’m starting to understand where they are going with this game and it’s pretty neat. Can’t wait to see more, experience, and master each event/dlc.


Haha. That. Is. Awesome.

If only Maya had registered a echo into the fast travel system…
She obviously skiped the tutorial…

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No… I specifically remember going through the tutorial with her.
I think, perhaps, she died as obi wan did in the original Star Wars, while Luke watched…
Disclaimer: I am NOT putting the 2 immature, psychotic brats in the same category as Lord Vader.

Wow I am surprised at a positive post usually it’s all negative. I like the game. Borderlands 2 was great as well and it would be hard to top that. I think they did a good job. You’re not going to please everyone and luckily I never had any problems running it. But I’d like to add my positive feelings to this. I’m enjoying it a lot.


Bl2 set a high bar but I think at launch this game is better IMO in 95% of the ways. The post base game will determine if it can surpass bl2.

What really made bl2 the massive success was all of the amazing dlc, we will see how this game handles dlc in comparison.

We are off to a good start with the first event which isn’t even really touching dlc yet, and another free dlc hitting very soon.


i absolutely loved every bl2 dlc (except hammerlocks…those large 4 legged dudes always creeped me out) and hope that the dlcs in this one are all to the standard and quality of Tiny Tina’s DLC. That was absolutely amazing.

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I liked Hammerlocks more than Tina’s lol

The story of Tina’s was amazing but I hated skeletons beyond anything, made it so I really didn’t want to play it at all. The combat was horrible IMO

  • skeletons like crystal, eternal, those tall ones, spectral, all so annoying
  • Handsome dragon was a terrible fight
  • Archers daze was annoying AF and they were way to accurate
  • Knights crit spot being their butt was dumb and hard to hit
  • spiders were just annoying and not really challenging but also hard to see in a lot of maps
  • lair of infinite agony was the worst map in all borderlands games IMO
  • traps were annoying and not fun
  • jumping puzzles were annoying again
  • The arena map was pretty much flat with no cover
  • Many enemies should of been phaselockable was were not and it made no sense

Story and loot were amazing, combat was terrible.


while i’ve logged more time in Bl2 than any other game (bl1 close very 2nd) my personal fav is tps bc i like the VH abilities more than any other and its the first to use pretty much entire story with VH dialogue. even though the game is short it just was so much fun. IDC that it’s an unpopular opinion it’s an opinion and cant be wrong bc it’s what I like


Love that d&d story, though. So creative.

I love this drunk voicemail you left for Borderlands 3.

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Hell yes story was great, maps were beautiful, the over all look and feel was amazing, but combat ruined it for me.

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Yes, well… I called from a private number, so I hope that they respect my privacy and don’t respond…