Best Boss to farm The Bee?

Can someone help point me to where I can farm The Bee? Much appreciated community. :blush:

Hunter Helquist in the Arid Nexus. The radio guy. There’s a quest you pick up on Sanctuary for him. After you complete the quest you can farm him.

Also, the Treants in the Tiny Tina DLC.

Hunter helquist is a super quick farm but I prefer treants in the tiny Tina dlc you get around 7-8 per run and there’s a few chests. I got 8 bees in an hour and a half from them the other day.

Prefer treants here as well. There’s a little more gameplay variety and several chances to get one on the same map. Unless I’m totally striking out in the Forest I don’t farm HH much due to the repetition. You should try both and see what’s more fun and/or efficient for you.