"Best Build" for Gaige?


You’ve summoned me I see.
Also, I use the LBT tree even when I mainly use the Bekah and Twister. Admittedly I’m testing some other gear aswell since I might make a thread about my own build.

Twister indeed eats framerate everytime it hits an enemy for me. Might have to do with the fact that i have 5/5 in Nth Degree and the amount of pellets you already gett per shot. The only other weapon who pulls this off for me is the CC.

At first glance, I already see that the points from Shock Storm are better invested into Myelin. The damage from SS is minimal and obstructs your view. Myelin on the other hand is a really strong defense skill.

The points you’ve spend on Annoyed Android are imo better invested into The Better Half. While TBH does nothing on Jakobs its still a nice DPS boost on non Jakobs gear you use.

In other Gaige build news, I am a recent convert to the Leg. Anarchist. And I have found that Hail + Hoplite + 400 Anarchy stacks = Godmode.

Hail is fun, but I can’t bring myself up to using it due to its steep arc. Its certainely top gear for her. Personally started to use an Emperor as an alternative to the Bekah.

Yeah. And now I’m farming for Fire and Corrosive Hails.

…I just realized I’m starting to slip into a bad habit with loadouts now. Maya’s whole loadout is Tattlers, Gaige’s whole loadout is going to be Hails, Wilhelm’s loadout is going to be Hyperion shotguns… I need to stop this habit…

I like it that you use Tattlers. Makes me wish I had a shock Tattler at OP8.

I can trade you a Twister, I’ve got 3, but they’re all the same. I had a friend farm them as backups.
And I have a lot of OP8 gear

You’re on PS3? Also, parts?

Yep, my PSN is my account name (LittleSimsCraft) and by parts you mean?

The parts of the gun: the Prefix, grip, and stock.

Okay, I’ll list them as best as I can.
Prefix: Rustler’s
And I don’t know how to identify grip and stock. I could just show you it.

FR is sent, I’ll try to muster up something to trade.

Oh, you don’t have to trade anything in return. I’ve bartered for what I wanted in the old forums so I’m good. I’ll give it to you for free, and I’m currently helping my brother level two people up in Torgue’s Arena

Important question I forgot to ask: are you on the OP levels or not? Because I don’t play on the OP levels.

Yeah, and are you saying that you’re just level 72 or just choose to not do any OP levels?

I am level 72 OP0. I like the difficulty as is at 72.

Ohhhh. Well. My Twisters are OP8. Everything I have is OP8. I’m fine with helping you get to that level.

Nah. I don’t want to have to re-farm everything. Thanks for offering though.

Also, mods, sorry for momentarily turning this into a trade thread.

I don’t mind at all, I have a LOT of guns and stuff OP8. I got you covered. And if I go into specifics, I’d have to go on my profile and look at my Vaults.

I’m fine. I like the game as is at 72.

See, this is the exact reason why I regret getting rid of my original supply of stuff: I had almost everything people needed at level 50, 61, 72, and OP8. But I got rid of a lot of the 50-61 and most of the 72 stuff.