Best Build for OP levels on Digistruct with other players?

Hey guys, new to the forums, but had the game since day 1. I main Zero, and have well over 1200 hours into BL2. I decided to give Krieg a go, since I only messed with him briefly while on the 360, but with the release of The Handsome Collection on the PS4, I decided to make him my alt. Question is, what’s a solid build for OP levels, mainly staying alive in DP? I’ve been running a lvl72 Bloodlust/Mania build that I found on here, but noticed once I had a few friends in game, I was dying quite frequently. Oddly enough, I seemed to be doing just fine solo. Here is the spec:

I run a RR, Legendary Sickle, BoA Relic (AR and Launcher boost), Stormfront/MM grenade, and for weapons:



Butcher (Fire, Slag, Corrosive)
CC (corrosive, non-elemental)
Orphan Maker
Fire Leech

Problems started during the Motor Mama fight with two others in my game, trying to rely on Melee, trying to keep my RtB up, but died twice trying to put her down, and it went downhill from there. Had a horrid time on DP. I spent more time in FFYL than doing damage. Never have this problem with Zero, Melee or any other build I run with him. What can I do to enhance survivability? What am I doing wrong? Any tips, pointers, skill changes, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I’d use this build instead.

Some pointers:

  1. Don’t insta-rez unless you’re the only one close enough and your partner is about to die or you’re playing with an Anarchy Gaige and you have a Siren with rez. If you don’t, move the point from Redeem the Soul into Blood Twitch. Even though RtS gives you 50% extra FFYL time, FFYL is still bugged and you may find yourself back with Tanis if you go down too often.
  2. Don’t melee unless your target is either slagged or is very close to dying. When you go into RTB, throw your axes instead and try to run around as much as possible to limit your chances of being hit. StV can be a real killer in the peak.
  3. If you do make a melee kill, immediately switch to throwing your axes for the rest of your rampage to take advantage of your explosive buffs.
  4. Use your corrosive CC for surveyors unless you can stand in their path as they’re making their run. In those cases, use your DPUH instead. The Orphan Maker might work better, but be careful of their shields.
  5. Do not melee Saturn! It’s a waste, throw your axes instead. Same thing applies to OMGWTF and Dukino’s mom. If you time it right, you can jump over her beam she shoots from her mouth. Also, don’t get into melee range because her stomp attack can put you down quickly.
  6. When fighting those two, use the buildings to your advantage to dodge most of their attacks. Saturn’s homing missiles can hit the edge of the roof if you position yourself properly.
  7. Make sure you’re playing with people who understand Krieg is not a support character, but a first in, last out walking instrument of destruction. Gaige might be able to do more damage with Anarchy, but you’re not the glass cannon she is.
  8. A low level slag bouncing betty/biddy is better for slagging than the Florentine and the MM, but keep the MM for those rare occasions when you need to restock your grenades.
  9. I’d replace the Kitten with the Kerblaster and use it to soften up distant targets and to finish up targets with low health because the rockets and grenades can’t be deflected by Nomad shields. In fact, if you’re far enough away, it can be a good opener before you switch to the Harold and close in for the kill.

Thanks a ton for the pointers. There were quite a few things I was doing wrong in regards to how I opened battles, as well as how I was fighting them. I was using melee much more than I probably should have. I noticed that StV procs a lot, and I mean a lot more than 12%.

On several occasions it’s procced twice in a row. A question in regards to tip #2, and also concerning StV again. You said it’s a killer in the peak. Do you mean on enemies or myself? I’m assuming you mean on me, but just wondering.

Also, would most of those same tips apply for the remainder of the game? I mean, would I use those same strategies to go through the story/DLC’s in OP levels? One more, as well (sorry to be a pain in the ass). Should I be using my weapons more when I’m mid battle, or just stick to throwing axes?

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It’s 12% per swing, so it can process 4, 5, or more times in a row. If you’re really unlucky, it can put you down.

On you. It’s a great finisher, but I wouldn’t rely on it in the Peak.

Also, would most of those same tips apply for the remainder of the game? I mean, would I use those same strategies to go through the story/DLC’s in OP levels? One more, as well (sorry to be a pain in the ass). Should I be using my weapons more when I’m mid battle, or just stick to throwing axes?

Most of the time Krieg is fine using all of his melee abilities, but the Peak is a special case due to what enemies spawn, where they spawn, and what numbers they spawn in. Taking on a single Scorch in Frostburn canyon is fairly easy because you can kill a spiderant to get Fuel the Blood up, then throw your axes at Scorch. Or you can try to swing around him and attack his thorax. In the Peak it’s a recipe for disaster because there’s usually two of them and both will be most likely aiming for you. Krieg can have issues against UBAs and certain bosses, like Saturn, which the peak just loves to throw at you. Toss in some super surveyors who can regenerate those bosses health that much faster and you’re looking at a potential recipe for disaster. Krieg is a melee beast, but if he can’t kill his target quickly, he’ll soon be a world of trouble. During normal play this can potentially just cost you money. In DP, it may mean starting over from the beginning. If you have a good group of friends who understand how Krieg is played, you might have good luck. But I wouldn’t play with randoms in the Peak because not everybody understands our meat man and may unintentionally prevent you from utilizing your full potential. Good luck. We’re all counting on you. :wink:

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Using your advice, I’ve had some very good runs thus far. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly to me Gulf, it’s helped tremendously. I do have a competent couple of guys I run it with, usually a Siren and a Gunzerker, and we each have three characters that cleared out DP fully. I was just doing some things wrong, mainly relying too heavily on melee, rather than throwing the axes. I also switched out my weapons, and use them much more before I go into RtB. I use a Florentine, Corrosive CC, (I switch out the shotgun with a fire Butcher for mobs and Interfacer for Assassins), Corrosive Pimpernel, and a Norfleet as my main weapons, and it works much better on DP, as opposed to just regular mobbing and story missions. Anyways, thanks again for your help, and I hope to make all of us Krieg players proud!!!

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Anytime, I’m glad I could help. As I said, DP is very different than any other area because of its mechanics. If you go in thinking you can do like you do somewhere else, like the Dust, you’ll be in for a world of hurt. Just think of it as a large arena and you’ll do fine. :smile:

By the way, take video. :stuck_out_tongue: