Best build for pyro pete

I’m a level 66 soldier what’s the best build and weapons to use to beat pyro Pete the invincible On ultimate mode

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Depends how you want to do it. If you are happy to grenade jump (or exploit the pipe glitch) and hide behind the pipe on the ledge, then I recommend the following as an easy kill with Axton:

  • Slag Turret. This will help reduce the time to kill enormously.
  • Bee shield. Again, speeds things up considerably
  • Good Shock weapon. I use either the Pimpernel, which is excellent and easy to get, or the Thunderball Fists, which is faster but quite hard / tedious to get.
  • Sand Hawk (any variant, again easy to get)
  • Unkempt Harold (optional, but not strictly necessary).

That’s it. When I flip the switch I throw down my slag turret immediately. PP will focus on that and give me time to grenade jump to the ledge. Once there I’ll remove his shield with the Shock Pimpernel / Thunderball Fists and finish off his health with the Sand Hawk (or UH if he’s reasonably close). Without the Bee I’d probably run out of ammo before killing him as he has pretty serious health.

Only shoot when your turret is out. He will basically ignore you. When you hear the distinctive sound he makes before his signature move, hide behind the pillar until it’s over. As long as it’s between you and PP he can’t hurt you. And keep the pillar between him and you (so that he can’t see you) when your turret is recharging. That way he just ignores you. It normally takes me four turrets to drop his shields completely, and four to six turrets to finally kill him.

An alternative strategy (e.g. if you don’t have the Bee) is to jump on the ledge by the pipes as before, but let him see you up there once your turret has gone down the first time. He will jump up at you and usually (not always) land on the ledge with you. If you jump down for some reason he will not follow but stays up there, leaving you free to pound him with your weapons AND hit the ammo boxes when you run low. As a bonus his fire/acid wave just blows over you and doesn’t come down to the ground. Oh, and of course keep throwing your turret up there with him so that he keeps getting slagged.

Good luck!

edit: forgot to add, if you can spec out your turret for longbow as well as slag that makes things a little easier in getting Pete to go where you want.

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This is how I would build it. It’s all about dealing damage, and keeping your shield up. Especially if you’re using the Bee. To get to the skills I really want, I need to spec into some that are a matter of taste. Feel free to mess around with that.

If you don’t want to exploit the ledge, you can stay down on the floor, and use the scaffolding for cover.

Guns… Trespasser is an excellent choice to start off with. A few well aimed shots to his head will pop his facemask. That will allow you to get crits while he still has his shield. Pretty much any guns will do the job, but a shock Sandhawk or Bitch will shorten the fight. Sandhawk/Bee is a very powerful combo, so that makes it my first choice.

Thanks basically I’ve got to keep my shield at full haven’t I and use my turret a lot. I’ve got the sand hawk the bitch and I have a bee that resists fire damage. And I’ve just put that build on going to see how I do, thanks guys
You can try this as well if needed- it’s what I used at that level.
1- throw out slag Bouncing Betty or MM
2- knock off helmet with Trespasser
3- aim for his head to get the crits going with the famous Bee/shock Flying Sand Hawk combo (your choice as to what class mod to use but for bosses I usually use a CE Ranger)
4- watch his pattern and take cover when he’s about to unleash a nova and you might never need to use the water pipes (goes w/o saying that an inflammable or alkaline Bee would be best).