Best Caldarius Gamplay Vids

Can someone point me to the best videos of people using him to his fullest?


I’ll look on my ps4 to see if I saved any, get back to you in a little

Awesome thanks!

Too bad I didn’t make a video when I played caldarius. I was getting a five player kill streak on incursion. He was really fun. But it always also my last match in the beta. I have an reserved spot in my heart for him. The only concerns I have is the low damage tmp and the cooldown of flash bang + please Gbx buff his ult 334 dmg is too low. Maybe make it 540. That would make him more viable. But he is super fun that’s all that I can tell you

Sorry didn’t find any(I just saved tons of Melka, rath and attikus vids) but what I’ll tell you about Caldarius is this(In my opinion): He’s the worst character right now, and probably effective gameplays you’ll see of him are going to be him shooting flashbangs and running away. I played 9 games with him, did fairly decently in all of them but I view myself as a high skill player able to exploit newer players misplacement on the map. You’ve probably seen me say this on the forums already, just gotta let Gearbox know what’s up in whatever Caldarius post there is, sorry about not finding any gameplay.

Well thanks guys!

I think I will like him more come actual game, I didn’t know that I was supposed to use him the way I used to love playing FPS games… jumping around like a crazy loon while shooting lol.

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tru, don’t get me wrong I LOVE HIM, Cod Advanced Warfare was like the only cod i had some fun on in the past 6 years so he’s a resemblance of that.