Best characer in your opinion

hi everyone! i have not played BLTPS. i’ll play it when i’ll buy the handsome collection. in this days i’m watching many videos about the builds and the class of BLTPS. i’m really undecided about the character who will choose (my indecision is over 9’000). can you give me some tips about the different classes?
i usually play solo. PLEASE NO SPOILERS! bye :smile:!!!

Are you saying that out of six classes you will only pick one?
If so, you’ll miss out on a ton of fun, regardless whom you choose.
Athena, Claptrap, and Jack are excellent choices though.

certainly i’ll pick more characters, i’m indecided about the character with which i will complete the frist playthrough

Do it in true gamer style: take each in turn and roll for initiative!

Wilhelm for me, by myself. But I have not tried Aurelia or Jack. I’m not spending any more money on the game until they fix some serious bugs. Well, maybe I’d give in to temptation on a good sale.

Make a slightly educated guess based on their action skills (which appeals to you most) and the skill tree focus (sniping, action skill enhancement, a particular element buff, whatever).

Personal opinion: Athena for Smite alone, but also because her action skill is both wonderfully defensive and offensive at the same time.

If you’re (1) going to mostly be playing solo and (2) aren’t getting either of the additional characters, I’d second Athena as a good first choice. Flexible play style, brings in some elemental stuff but also carries a sword. That said, there really aren’t any bad characters amongst the set.

Hey, @TheTrooper ! Here’s something to consider – are you at all interested in going for the trophies/achievements? If so, you’ll need to try all of the original four characters. I got Wilhelm’s, Athena’s, and Nisha’s trophies all rather quickly (~levels 10, 12, and 19, respectively). Claptrap took me longer – you need to get to at least ~level 25 to spec into all his skills. Doing it this way I sort of hated Claptrap, since you need to spec into every single one of his skills & some I just don’t like. Love Clappy now (spec’ing out of some of his VaultHunter.exe routines I don’t like) – quite powerful and brings a nice dose of humor into the game. Doesn’t take that much time to try them all a little bit, first.

Got to be Athena. Nisha is strong, but Athena can fire rapid Nukes without needing Ammo.

Quick question - does that include the ones at the start of the RH tree that affect weapons and shield use? I’ve got all the ones down the LH tree, and just got to “Clap in a Box” in time to fight the Bosun in TVHM (that was weird), but I’ve been avoiding those on the right so far.

Wilhelm is my favorite. As a solo player his action skill provides extra support (healing/attacking) which is nice.

Yeah, for Claptrap you need all the action packages & One Shot Wonder & Laser Inferno are down the right hand tree.

I did end up dropping a point into Safety First in my last level up. And yes, that made a huge difference in survivability. But I absolutely hate the Gaige/Claptrap RH trees. It’s either submit to the chaotic “better this way, screwed that way” philosophy, or you’re denied admittance to the trees altogether. Boo!

That’s what I initially thought with Gaige, and I completely avoided the RH tree with my first mechromancer. Then I created a second one just to see what it was really like and WOAH NELLY! I will try the Claptrap version at some point, if only to get the achievement, but I’ll wait until I’ve completed my TVHM play-through first.

Oh man, if I was starting over again, as much as I enjoy playing Athena (definitely my FAVORITE character to play) and Nisha I’d probably go with a laser-specced Wilhelm for “easiest” to play. Let Wolf and Saint loose, sit back, and pick guys off at your leisure.

I’ve said it before, but I really like the skill that lets you prioritize targets for Wolf. That is the one thing I always wanted for Gaige/Axton/Roland.