Best Character And Why

State your cases for our Fearsome Foursome best to worst here!

  1. Lilith
  • Sirens are very important to the story. In BL1 she has the strongest connection to anyone - the antagonist Steele. Both are Sirens, and Lilith might be on Pandora just for that reason. In BL2 Jack uses her to open the next Vault. And already in the BL3 trailer she seems to have an important role in the plot, and we are likely going up against (a) Siren(s) again in BL3. I haven’t played TPS yet, but I’m told she also is plays an important role there.
  • She is just awesome and f’ing OP
  • Did I mention she has a freaking cult following?
  1. Brick
  • “As himself”
  • His outbursts during action skill
  • He becomes the slab king
  • Sax solos
  1. Mordercai
  • Bloodwing
  • Definately a guy you would have a beer with
  • Banged Moxxi
  1. Roland
  • I like what they did with him as an NPC in BL2. Personally, I’m not that much into his playstyle. Feels like the base gameplay of any of the other characters, without much extra. The turret might be cool post lvl 40, but I never took him that far.
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