Best character/build for soloing raid bosses without glitches (except Salvador)?

As the topic title says, what is the best character/build for soloing all the raid bosses in the game without using glitches? I know Salvador can do it but I find it boring to play as him.

I know this is a common question but there has been a few balancing patches over the years so I’m looking for up-to-date information. I don’t like changing builds so I would prefer to have one build that can do all the raid bosses in the game. I’m leaning toward melee Zer0 but I’m afraid that he will struggle against some raid bosses. I read that Maya’s Cloud Kill was buffed but I don’t know if that makes much difference against raid bosses.

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Look up the time trial thread as well as @DemoniteBL’s channel. Axton consistently ranks among the highest for solo kills on most of the raids.

Otherwise, Zero with CA does well against raids as well.

If you don’t want to use Sal, those two are your best bet for the majority of the raid bosses.


@boombumr is correct about Axton. There is an asterisk, though. Those speed kills are typically Tediore chucking kills. If that isn’t your thing, Zero is probably better for speed kills.

Axton is very good for just about everything at endgame. Raiding, boss farming, mobbing, circles of slaughter, Digistruct Peak… he does it all.