Best character for BL3 if you like sirens in the previous games?


I am going to buy an X Box Series X at the end of the year and the first game I will buy is BL3 + season pass. Sadly my PC is no longer good enough for BL3 :frowning: So now that it is out and so many are playing it (I have tried to avoid knowing too much about it as I have yet to play it) I am just curious if the siren players are happy with Amara or is there another choice that would suit me also? I loved Lilith and Maya in BL1 & BL2 and enjoyed Nisha/Aurelia in BL:TPS.

Thanks guys/gals/droids!

You can use Amara for siren vibe, she can be played exactly the same way as Maya in BL2. For Nisha/Aurelia vibe FL4K or also Amara would be the best choice.


Thanks :slight_smile:

In your opinion is the overall vibe of BL3 as good/better/worse than BL2?

It looks great from what I have seen, but I have not played it so I don’t know the overall vibe of it.

Gameplay is superior over previous titles (with couple flaws like useless Slam mechanic). Story and Story telling sucks for me (TPS was the best) but this is individual case.

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Thank you.

If you’re looking for something like Lilith’s Phasewalk, FL4K is probably your friend, they’ve got an invisibility skill with increased movement speed and health regen. You’re not invulnerable but you can shoot.

For Maya, as GrzesPL said, Amara has many skills that are very similar to Maya’s, and an action skill that’s virtually the same. After some levelling up, you’ll actually get a much better/more fun version of it. Amara doesn’t have a skill like Ruin, but there’s a legendary class mod with a similar effect.

Sirens were my mains in the other games and like playing Amara the best in BL3.

In BL1 I have about 1,500 hours as Lilith.
In BL2 I have more than 7,000 hours as Maya (no, I don’t have a problem).

In BL3, as folks have said, Amara can play just like Maya with good additions, her skillset is a bit broader. You will miss Chain Reaction and Kinetic Reflection, but new skills like Remnant and Do Unto Others (and lots more) make up for that.
As for gameplay: Well, it’s Borderlands. Same basic gameplay with additions and some things you might not like.
But bottom line I think you’ll enjoy it. And you can try out the new characters also, after 400 hours with Amara I actually moved to Zane (kinda like a hybrid of Gaige and Wilhelm (from TPS)) and am having quite a good time with him also.

Thanks everyone, that was really helpful. I think I might try running Amara and Fl4k in parallel and see which one I like best. I have a feeling it will be Amara.

gameplay wise , borderlands 3 is worse than borderlands 2 ,for me atleast.

borderlands 2 basically force u to play side quest , borderlands 3 scale is too easy almost everything is skip- able . loot and ads sensitivity based on 360 , i dont think we need to mention again