Best character for boss raids and single player

Which one is the best. I Bl2 gunserker was a dps machine. Could take any raid boss by myself. Who is that in this game?

It depends on the boss. I think most people would say jack, athena, or nisha. They can all dish out tons of damage and have their own ways of staying alive. Jack is probably the best damage to aliveness ratio IMO, but athena is up there too with her shield blocking so much and maelstrom putting her damage through the roof.

Against the Sentinel, Athena is great with Maelstrom. Nisha can beat it pretty easily once she gets a kill. Jack, Claptrap and Wilhelm can handle them, but they just can’t come close the Athena or Nisha. The sentinel is designed to kill Aurelia, since 2/3’s of her skills are useless and the rest is getting someone else to do it.

Against the Empyrean Sentinel, Athena completely facerolls because it’s so easy to get Maelstrom. Nisha’s good, and can deal massive damage with cryo, tombstone, unforgiven and luck. Jack now can win. Wilhem and Clappy can still beat it with Cryo and Explosions, and Aurelia is good enough.

Against Eclipse, who is inexplicably lacking in a “The Invincible”, Athena once again Godstomps for the same reason. Nisha kills it just as well, and i havent tried it with any of the others.

Against EOS, who suffers the same lack of “The Invincible”, Nisha is definately your best bet, thanks once again to overlapping hitboxes, and Pseudo-b0re with unforgiven. Athena comes in second place because Maelstrom is harder to get and there are no good Electric guns with Splash Damage to whittle down his sheild with, and if i havent gotten to Ecplipse theres no way i’m getting to EOS with the others.

So yea, Athena or Nisha is always best, depending on your playstyle.

Jack is just keep moving and nade/ivf on everything so far. Eos is the only boss that will take him much longer because of the distance. Have you tried the hard reboot with athena? It’s not the greatest shock gun by any means, but it has pretty good splash.

Hyperion Jack has a really easy time vs anything with a critspot, his crit damage modifiers are ridiculous. I would say on par with nisha and athena.

I don’t even stack MiP and can kill 'em with ease with a couple of T4S-Rs, factor in the Quad you can use on Sentinel and Eclipse, its like they’re not even there

Haven’t found it yet. Where can i get one?

Its a blue unique pistol so that id assume mssion reward. My best guess would be for siding with shame and killing the data mining cookies.

Nisha for damage. Not going to be able to take a hit.

Athena, Claptrap and Wilhelm can also be decent tanks if they have the proper gear and skills for it.

Jack kind of is too. He can be very well rounded in both offense and defense. If you have the patience to get stacks of “Money is Power” up past 500 you’ll be good DPS wise.

Aurelia is probably not a good choice. While the DPS is there, you’ll be dying a lot. And since most of her damage centers around sniping, which isn’t typically good for raid bosses, you’re out of luck. However, weapons that normally have massive recoil to balance them out can be unbalanced via Duchess. Without a class mod you can only get up to 80% more accuracy, which may not be enough, but if you get 120% accuracy or better you’ll be getting crits nonstop.

I don’t think stacking MiP is mandatory for Jack just makes it skyrocket. With 7 or 8 Hyperion items and the projection com to boost company man, bosses are already easy AF, and I can’t be bothered to grind for MiP.

The data mining mission. after main story I think.

I tank eos lasers with nisha in showdown so if you are using celestial lawbringer survivability becomes a much smaller issue with her.

Best class for raiding is CS Athena hands down. For mobbing, any class is good.

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Definitely true, but you can’t remain in Showdown for the entire fight.

Yeah, I know she’s just my main so I gotta defend her a little lol.

When it comes to EOS, I vote Athena, simply because of Elemental Barrage. You’ll need the ammo, believe me