Best Character for Mobbing vs bossing?

Just curious what you guys think? I just got back to playing after long time away, just finished leveling the last class to 57 so I have all 4 but I really got to work on my end game grind, was thinking about just doing some bossing, wasnt sure who I wanted to play first. Moze Minesweeper looked good, always enjoyed playing all 4 characters TBH.

All the characters are pretty good at mobbing, but depending on your stuff zane can be tricky for bossing since most of his damage are from kill skills (seeing dead/red “fixes” this)

personally i enjoy fl4k the most for both, they can just output so much dps. consecutive hits reflux/brainstormer + megavore especially. skullmasher wrecks house on mobs and bosses, i used to use both for the takedown back in m 1.0. the only tricky part is survivability but if you can position yourself well it should be fine

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All characters can do mobbing and bossing pretty easily and you can build them to do either (with different gear like swapping to a mind sweeper or stack bot etc. or you can spec them for just bossing).

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Amara is the best at everything, period. To say anyone else is disingenuous tbh. You can more than get by with Zane and Fl4k EASILY, but to say they are in the same league with Amara would be a lie as far as pure potential goes. You can make Moze work, but IMHO she takes far more TLC than Zane boy or Fl4k. The game especially right now is almost 100% based on ONLY weapons so you can pretty much make anyone work because none of your skills are really worth a crap at the moment and are only there to proc anointments anyhow.

Hmm, If this is true I think Amara phaserker with ties that bind could be extremely strong then. I have just farmed a M9 Yellow cake with 200% increase damage after using AS. Seems really good for use with Ties that bind perhaps.

Yea, they just announced a bunch of upcoming balance changes. To your original question, seeing as you just picked up a m9 yellowcake all builds are irrelevant!

Haha jk, sorta. But really, you could realistically just use that yellowcake on m10 for most enemies with ease. It’s pretty damn strong, im expecting it to be nerfed shortly

My Zane mobs insanely well with an M10 radiation redistributor with the 100% cryo annoint. Really, I think it’s the gear the makes the difference. Any of the characters can be setup to do it effectively.

Amara or Zane are the best for mobbing. FL4K is the best for bossing.

Just use a yellowcake

amara, no need to aim with phasegrasp mobbing , all 3 action skill can proc ase easily , super easy health gate just shoot reflux or brainstormer.

Amara is the best for mobbing and Fl4k for bosses. But, if you want an overall best, for both mobbing and bossing, Amara is the only choice.

I dunno, mind sweeper moze is pretty insane for bossing. The damage is unreal