Best character for shield tanking?

Looking for this game’s Guarded Warder. Some of the characters have very impressive tanking capabilities, but who is the strongest? (looking for skill and COM suggestions)

Either Athena with a Defender COM (conduit) , Jack with a CoE or Entrepreneur (winning), or Claptrap with Safety first.

Wilhelm is pretty hard to kill with a high capacity shield and boosted Energize (I like the Celestial Enforcer COM for that as it also gives bonus shield capacity as well).

Forgive me for not knowing the skill names but…
Athena has a bunch or survivability she has conduit which regenerates your shield she also and other healing and protection skill, plus her awesome sheild

Jack has two strong sjeild based skills, one that boosts his capacity a ridiculous a mout and gives him a lot of health regen when his action skill is on cool down he also has a kill skill that instantly restores 25% (not boosted by any com) of your shield on a kill

Nisha is nigh unkillable if you spec down the left tree until you get all the skills that boost your maximum number of order stacks, couple that with a shield of the ages which will give you tons of order stacks before they even reach your health and a celestial com which heals you for a % of damage done during showdown and she can be one tough sob to down

+1 for Aspis, I’ve facetanked a Nukem shot and even the Eye of Helios beam with it. Doesn’t seem to help against a Nisha specced into boosted Trickshot / Tombstone

Sometimes I’ll jump up shoot a nukem at my feet so the asos I sorbs it then just chuck it for massive damage