Best Character for Solo Play (Besides Axton)

Exactly, but I think @Adabiviak was joking, right?

Wrong person mentioned. :dukefp:

I have never played Krieg. The game mechanics in his skill tree just don’t appeal to me. The quip I made above was in jest; I get that he’s very good at mobbing and otherwise getting around on Pandora, he’s just not my style.

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I figured as much.

He’s not for everybody; I personally don’t like melee Zero much and only rarely play my Cunning/Bore build. To each their own.

I lov3 using the zerker he is just amazing all around long gunzerk throws 2 grenades in 1 the pimpernell ahab glitch is amazing to use and hes very hard to kill def. Check him out. Or the psycho kreig deff. Fun do run around blowing up and slashing ppl with a big axe

The thread starter has been inactive for some time, so I believe he most likely found his answer.

If he’d like me to reopen the thread, please contact me and I’d gladly do so.

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