Best Character Line Ups (KNOW YOUR ROLE)

#1. Oscar Mike, for pressure DPS (applying pressure to mid ground from a distance supporting damage from DPS players), jungling thralls, and keep enemy shileds down

#2. Thorn/Marquis, your long range DPS Snipers (i couldnt pick between the two as both are viable), assist Oscar Mike with the long range pressure DPS, kill retreating enemy players, overall map control

#3. Miko, for the healz of course, still the best option depite the nerf, use primary to slow enemies and support DPS, instead of following your melee like most people do, use Miko as a team healer so you dont have to teleport

#4. Galilea/Rath/Phoebe/Deande, These are your Melee damage dealers, the basic concept for all 4 is to dish out as much burst melee damage as they can, this is kind of a situational role, if your team is squishy you probobly want to roll with Galilea, but if you have a little more tank in your team, go with Deande for the large burst DPS advantage

#5 Attikus/Boldur/Kelvin, Your tank, get as much attention as you possibly can, and free up DPS and Support Roles to move more freely, who you pic is personal preference, your mission is to keep enemy close range DPS engaged long enough for your ranged and support DPS to finish them off for you

all these are just opinions, i have no delusions that theses are the best, just my opinion, very eager to see what other people have come up with, tired of all the “THIS IS WHAT GEARBOX NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!” threads and want to get a productive convo going


I appreciate this quite a bit. It can certainly give people a silightly better handle on a character, but I REALLY have to disagree with the Attikus statement. He’s not really build for tanking. Not in any way I’ve found anyhow. He’s certainly a brawler, but his health steal/regen isn’t good enough to be tanky. Montana? Most certainly tank material.
Also, it’s good to point out that none of these characters are limited to said roles

you know i was on the fence about monatan v atticus, i dont play the tank role very often so i was kinda going off of feedback on that one, its a hard decision i feel like it comes down to builds, montana has a hard time when he is stacked up against an enemy with high shield penetration his health seems to disappear shortly after, but im gona have to agree with you on that one

the beauty of this game couldn’t have been put better “none of these characters are limited to said roles” there is so much potential in battleborn, the only thing that comes close to the depth and freedom in game play and character build is League of Legends, this game is extremely underrated

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No El Dragon?

Attikus is NOT a tank. He doesn’t have any sort of tanking capability; if anything, both Galilea and Isic both function better as a tank, seeing that they both have a defensive and a disruptive skill.

Regarding melee damage dealers, El-Dragon, Attikus, Shayne, and Boldur should also fall under that category, along with possibly Mellka and Caldarius.