Best character/spec for new player?

hi so im new to borderlands and im having a really difficult time trying to figure out what character and build to choose for my first playthrough since the amount of skill combinations and weapon choices are overwhelming and theres not that many resources to get help with since the game just came out.

what would you recommend and why? thanks!

Go slow, and try things that seem fun. Don’t worry about it or take it all that seriously. It’s a game, it’s meant to be fun.

I like pets, so my first 2 characters are FL4K. I picked abilities that seemed fun, and so far it’s working for me.

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Yeah don’t worry too much about having a viable build or being the most awesome character. Your first playthrough should just be about enjoying the game and then you can worry about all the extra stuff when you do your TVHM playthrough

Like the poster above I went with FL4K because I like pets and followers, FL4K also has the strongest heal in the game and I like to support my teammates.

In other FPS games what do you enjoy doing?

From what I’ve read here on the forums, Amara may have the best survivability and damage output.
My first playthrough was as Fl4k. His green skill tree is really good for surviving, as there is a skill that lets your pet try to revive you while you get a second wind, as well as large boosts to health regen.
I focused on the orange skill tree, which is based more on critical hits. Though mid game your action skill basically becomes a “yeetus deletus” button to fleshy enemies.

As other people have said, look through the trees and see what might tickle your fancy. If you want to spam your action skill I’d suggest Amara, Zane, or FL4K (Hunter tree). If you wanna focus on gunplay then Moze might be for you since Iron Bear is really only useful as a 10 second pause button to regen your shields and deal a minimal amount of damage while you do it.

Oddly enough, having played every character to at least level 8 I would NOT recommend FL4K if you want “The Noobiest of Noob friendly” characters. Not sure what it was, but I have died more with my level 10 FL4K than my lvl 34 Amara. The pet is helpful, but doesn’t seem to attract aggro as much as you’d think which means the aggro falls onto you. The main draw of the pet is distribution of aggro and that doesn’t appear to happen. The extra damage it can deal is nice though. Puts FL4K on a level with an elemental Amara that can DoT.

Well, maybe that was the main draw for you. For the folks I play with the main draw of having a pet was having a pet. The little “touch pet” emote stuff totally sealed the deal!

And so far I die more as Amara, but maybe FL4Ks skills fit better in my head or something.

I found FL4K using the Stalker (Green) tree to be very forgiving. It’s fairly hard to die when you take Lick the Wounds, it makes your pet try to revive you if you go in to fight for your life. You also get a lot of Max. Health and Regen. boosts. Not to mention that you can use Fade Away to flee a sticky situation.

She does, but most of her survivability skills are in the Brawl tree which focuses on melee and close combat, so I’m not sure that’s the best choice for people new to Borderlands. Generally Amara is made for an aggressive play style, I am playing Brawl Amara and it feels a little like Doom 2016. If that’s how you roll, go for it, but it’s a risk-and-reward style that I imagine may be frustrating for people trying to understand the game in the first place.

My general impression of her is that she caters to BL2 veterans: None of this new secondary action skill stuff, and if you’ve played Maya and melee Zer0 you’re right at home. At the same time, with this close combat focus (and more) it really helps if you understand how classic Borderlands mechanics work, especially fight for your life.

Maybe this is all BS, but it is my impression so far as someone coming from BL2.