Best character to play on the Vita

Hey folks,

I know a lot of people consider the Borderlands 2 port for the Vita to be trash. I’m determined to play through it though.

Is there a character that does better on the
Vita compared to the others. Is there anyway to slightly fix the frame rate issue? That is my only gripe with the game so far.

I really wanna play Axton or Krieg. Are either of those better than the other on the Vita?

Thanks a bunch,


I don’t think a character is any better than another because of what platform you are on. Though if performance is a problem perhaps try Axton or Gaige as their action skill throws an assist character to fight for you.

I have it on the PS4 too don’t worry. I just wasn’t sure if Axton or Krieg would be easier to play with the frame rate problems.

Do you know of any ways to make the frame rate a little more tolerable?