Best Character to Shield Stack?

I know stacking shield isn’t the most effective way to build the characters, but I still think it is interesting to try and see what the highest shield you can have (without bar) or which characters have the best synergy with a massive shield pool.

The gear i’m thinking:

  • Shield of Ages/Fabled Tortoise- I’m not sure which actually has a higher capacity, but I do know I stay as far away from the tortoise as possible due to the negative movement speed…

  • 3ddie- besides being the best oz kit in the game, it is also the only one to give a +shield stat, so it’s a must

  • Any weapon with the Harden Up luneshine, which gives +3% max shield

  • Chronicler of elpis class mod that gives bonuses to cryo and also +max shield. however, this might not top another COM if it boosts skills that also raise shield, so it depends per character I guess (i’m pretty sure jack has a com of his own that boosts shields much higher than the CoE)

So who do you think can 1) stack the highest shield using their personal skills and COMS and 2) gain the most out of shield stacking?

Can you recommend characters and how to build them/which com to use?

Not sure building for a huge shield is going to yield much bang for the buck. Wilhelm, however, has the potential for massive shield regen & buffs dependent on low shield – pretty amazballs!. For instance:

(from the Top-Gear tread):

The High-Tech Projector class mod (from Holodome Round 4)

This COM features a heavy Shield focus, while also boosting offensive capabilities. More useful in an Overcharge build focused on abusing the doubled effectiveness of Heatsinks, as it can heavily boost the effectiveness of higher Capacity Shields.

Best Parts:
(+5 Heatsinks, +4 Divert Power, +4 Emergency Response)
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In terms of actual capacity, probably Wilhelm.

In terms of effectively utilizing a large shield for survival, Jack and Athena, with some Nisha on the side.

Athena is by far the best shield user in the game IMO

5 points in Conduit is all you will ever need
And that’S not even counting the action skill literal shield that makes you invincible

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OT, highest capacity shield is Shield of Ages. No reason to bother with Tortoise in TPS.

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Finally got the time to play around with characters and gear and I now have the highest shield capacities achievable for each character!

the numbers I give initially count as with the +3% shield luneshine, parenthesis doesn’t include this.

The base for all the characters is the shield of ages and 3dd1.e which gives a shield of 217,172 (211,375)

For each character I used these two items plus a luneshine and non-luneshine gun along with their shield improving skills and mods.

A benevolent defender COM gives 22,342 shield plus 11/5 united front= 324,540 (318,743)

His celestial enforcer COM gives 19,428 shield plus 10/5 Man and Machine= 294,572 (288,775)

A lawful sheriff com gives 10/4 Law= 313,793 (307,995)

His Chronicler of Elpis COM gives 14,895 shield and 9/5 Wax On, Wax Off
Without his shield subroutine= 284,282 (278,445)
With shield subroutine= 351,876 (346,079)

His hero protagonist COM gives 16,190 shield and 11/5 Hero Pose= 318,388 (312,591)
When specced 5/5 into persistence and his Action Skill is on cooldown= 395,685 (389,888)

Aurelia: Her blue blood COM gives +16190 shield= 233,362 (227,564)

When excluding any special circumstances (claptrap’s shield subroutine, jack’s AS cooling down), we can conclude the highest to lowest shields go in order of

  1. Athena
  2. Jack
  3. Nisha
  4. Wilhelm
  5. Claptrap
  6. Aurelia

Wilhelm and Jack are probably the ways to go.

Wilhelm can instantly regenerate 80% of his shield with 10/5 Energize, and he can increase overall Shields effectiveness, Divert Power can regenerate his entire shield if he takes a fatal attack (meaning he avoids death). He really shines with the Shield of Ages and Reogenerator (especially if you are specced into Hazmat Containment System, you become nearly invulnerable to Elemental Damage).
Recommended COM : Celestial Enforcer.

Jack can abuse his Kill Skills to regenerate his shield with Winning, and he can increase Shields effectiveness with Hero Pose and Persistance. Since your Kill Skills proc like crazy, you don’t really have to worry about killing stuff.
Recommended COM : Chronicler of Elpis.