Best character to use for Heliophage Hardcore solo?

I only have Saboteur and Heliophage left for the Hardcore levels after having finished all Normal and Advanced.

What character did you beat Heliophage Hardcore with solo? Skill choices and gear tips would be welcome. I was thinking Montana or maybe even Pendles.

Thanks for the tips!

ambra…totally ambra. never with pendles…

I soloed it on Advanced with Attikus. But I did die a few times to some BS knockbacks that tossed me over the edge. I stacked attack speed.

I would advise taking someone with self sustain abilities. Personally I did everything on all modes with kleese. Heliophage advanced hardcore was not so easy as the rest of the missions but definitely doable and without mutations like -CD time on rifts I think it’s hard doing it.
I know people who did it with thorn, pendles and alani.
On barrier is definitely the time for the first part but I you skip some enemies it’s not a problem. Most of the time I have about 2-3min left when I start battling rendain.
And of course I would advise taking the first hit from rendain without moving first because otherwise the probability of getting thrown into the nirvana over the edge is high.
For the whole final battle I usually fight rendain on the big platform where the first double bosses spawn. Those I fight there too.
After that I kill the jennerit boss quickly where he spawns, get rid of the mobs on the other platforms from there. That takes time but is way safer.
Of the last two bosses I kill the jennerit first again, get rid of all mobs again from the platform with the brown stonething and the little tunnel which I use as cover a lot.
Then I move to the ice platform to fight the conservator. I kill most of the shield varelsi from there.
When the conservator dies I start popping rifts where he was so that rendain aggros them immediately and go up the ice mountain.
I constantly have two of my three rifts at rendain. The CD time and hp (definitely skill +450 rifts hp) is exactly enough so that he is never without rifts if you don’t place them too close to each other. The third rift I place right where the summoning spike will come down up there where I stand and focus that spike and the brutes very quickly with my taser and the black hole with overshields for me.
That’s basically my advise :smiley::v:

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Marquis or Thorn for long range.

Is it possible to do with Boldur? :slight_smile:

i would say either OM or Thron. OM for stealth / scope. Thorn for range and agility.

It is, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a very good Boldur player and are rocking great gear. I did a three-man with him once and he was on fire when it came to clearing out the minions during the final battle, but the guy playing him was very good.

Nice, thank you! What kind of gear you recommend for Boldur in PvE?

Ah…damage reduction, max health, healing received (if you have a healer, otherwise skip it), attack damage, health regen, and movement speed. His lore legendary is kind of meh, so I’d skip it. Legendaries like Boots of the Brute, Vow of Vengeance, Vigilance Link, and Pain-to-Gain Re-Knitter are good examples of the type of gear you should be looking for. If you’re looking for negative stats to lower the cost of your gear, go with reload speed, heal power (doesn’t affect his regeneration), max shield, and shield recharge. Do not take a max health deficit because he needs all of the health he can get. @Misguided is a great Boldur player and can add more insight.

Oath of sustain, broch of leechsteel, skill dmg any character with powerfull skills gets lots of health.

I ran this with Kelvin and got like 200+ hp per chomp

I’ve done it with Pendles and Attikus (for advanced. I’ve now done it with a handful of characters on normal). Pendles was great because he’s quick, can have absolutely* no aggro at a whim for however long he likes, and has great lifesteal options. Attikus just has insane regen (46.2 with a blue syringe) and crazy damage once he gets levels, has a way to combat knockback in his pounce, has a short effective stun (silence and blind are stuns in PvE), and has some lifesteal options (but honestly with nearly 50 regen/second, you really don’t need much more).

I would always gear out with a blue syringe (preferably the eldrid variant, with the “after living for 180s” conditional) on any solo hardcore run for a flat 11.2 regen. The other options are more situational, but I tend to go the route of maximizing DPS (Vow of Vengeance/Symbiotic Gauntlet and Vow of Zealous Fury/Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr; maybe some reload gear instead of Attack Speed for characters with guns).

Thanks for the replies everyone. I was thinking Pendles because I could skip certain sections in the speed run part by going stealth mode, but was worried because he is a bit squishy at first. I’ll give it a shot and see what happens as I’m not comfortable with Attikus yet (or melee in general, most of my level 15’s are ranged - Kleese, Reyna, Oscar Mike, Montana, Ghalt, Thorn etc…)

I got Gold on Helio advanced HC, made a thread for it.

Tried many characters, was only able to do it with Rath and Pendles.

oscar mike can solo every hc mission easily

I just tried with Oscar Mike this morning on Heliophage HC…Vyn’s quiver, Leach Broachsteal or whatever it’s called - was doing great until the Conservator. Thought I got both shield generators but apparently there was a 3rd I didn’t notice behind me (I didn’t see any gold energy beam) and the black bubble got me. Argh! Will try again.