Best chest in game

What is the best chest for legendaries and pearls. I know that there are many good ones but what is the best one in your opinion?

I like the Arid Badlands chests, I’ve got nice shiny from them.

The one near Saturn or near where you get the warriors location?

You might wan’t to change your title.

And people really like Snowman’s chest, and the one at the end of Hero’s Pass. The Arid Badlands has 7 really close to each other, along with a chance at a tubby and bosses that drop 2 uniques and a legendary. Glitching back into the pirate DLC treasure room is also popular. The one at the end of the Bloodshot Ramparts is also good.

yep, there are four, all of them in fyrestone or near

This might help.



IMO, the one in Opportunity, near the overseer’s location, is a very lucrative chest from my eyes.



Is that the one near one of the landing pads you can get to down the side of opportunity without triggering any combat? Because I really like that one!

“She has secret exits everywhere!” classic


When I think of BL2 chests, I think of Moxxi’s pair.

…'cause you can run right to them without fighting anything after you do Chop Suey in the Torgue DLC. They make for very convenient, quick, and relaxing farming.


I agree

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No love for Lilly I always new I was the only one lol.


You’ll understand why in the future my fledgling.

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Yes I know that skin lol.

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Um I’m 18 and still a bit confused by this care to explain. Lol

Still my junior. But anyway what my bad humor was trying to convey is in the game you said you’re going to buy she gets her reputation tarnished, which caused a lot of people to not like her any more. So just in case you hadn’t heard already I was trying to avoid spoilers.

Oh I thought you meant something totally difrent also I’ve seen many play thoughs of the game already so spoilers mean nothing to me