Best Chests to farm in NM

I got some legendaries from Vendors last night in NM.But Im curious about chests.Is there any chests that worth to farm or there is just luck?

Vendors and chest are both just luck, but the drop rates seem to be slightly better in TPS compared to BL2. I always check everything as I pass through, but I don’t systematiccally farm anything in NVHM, and only select items after and-game levelling to 50 in TVHM.


My two cents, as someone who is very new to this game. Honestly you don’t need to farm in NVHM, go do the Sub Level 13 side mission to get the E-GUN, farm Concordia machines for some decent blue/purple items. Gear seems to be more effective for longer in this game compared with BL2.


The scaling is much more even throughout TPS compared to BL2 (although there is still that one massive level jump). The hard part is the lack of content to level up on in UVHM - you pretty much have to reset (or engage in mindless XP farming) if you want to get to level 70.

Mostly as already said by the other replys. The Vendors are the best and most consistent farm, I have found some Legendarys in chests, mainly farming Felicity as there are 6 Chests and 1 moonstone chest there (the run also consists of 6 vendor and at least 3 other chests before you reach the ones I already mentioned)

I would think more boring, or irritating, “NO, NO, your supposed to capture them, not kill them” x 1000


Ugh, suppressed memories… I really can’t stand farming those missions for XP. Although the second one with several players at UVHM levels can be satisfyingly insane - ran it once to the point of running out of ammo.

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Very good place to farm is the robot production facility. Theres 7 venders, alot of small chests, three or 4 big chests, and two moonstone chests. Plus you have felicity and what she drops.

I was “rinse and repeating” Iwajira. At least, back then, his loot pool was pretty exciting to see after killing him over and over again.

Yeah,Robot Production Plant can be useful to farm.For Moonstones or legends if you’re lucky.And,Is there anyone that knows Quasars drop chance in NM?

as I had heard it was good for completing one of Springs side missions, I have farmed for that in NVHM, TVHM, and UVHM. So far (and remember RNG tends to piss on me) my results have been, 50 runs in NVHM has produced 1, 50 runs in TVHM = 0, 50 runs in UVHM = 0.
Still farming for it occasionally

Note: I have noticed that the loot will behave like the WEP run, some will drop through the floor,

Oh,very bad… I was thinking it has a good chance to drop.So,My only hope is vendors.I want that grenade very much.Its my favorite grenade,I can say.But,I will try to drop it.I think it can drop from felicity after many,many runs :slight_smile:.

the one I got in NVHM came on the second run, also as noted above you have 6 vendors and at least 10 chests that can be hit each run (by Save/quit)

Felicity drops the Quasar?

Yes, she does

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Well that’s what i’ll be doing later then :slight_smile:

You can also try the grinder if you end up with a bunch of other legendary grenades you don’t want. The massive tork in the factory (just past where you meet the robot scientist wassisname) has a fair chance to drop a legendary grenade, and should be farmable.


you are better off trying the Grinder imo. Felicity is super stingy. in all the times I’ve done that run I have had 3 Quasar drops. my perfect version however, came from the Grinder. :wink:

OT: I used to farm for the Vanquisher COM from X-STLK-23. that run has 2 red hyperion chests that have yielded legendary loot for me. Its fun to test gear on that run too.

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