Best class for armored enemies?

So just playing BL2 casually has got me thinking, just for interest, what people think might be the best class against armored enemies? Seing how much of them there are, especially on UVHM I find it strange the obvious lack of Corrosive-related skills there are. Sure you have loads of general element skills (mostly element chance and dmg) but not any that I can recall that relates specifically to corrosion. Thanx in advance for answers! :slight_smile:

Maya has 3 skills that work well with corrosive damage:
Cloud Kill
And Flicker to add to the elemental damage

Add the corrosive bone relic and a Corrosive Pimpernel sniper rifle and she is a wrecking machine.

Flicker adds to dot chance, not elemental damage.

But she does have 3

Cloud Kill
Blight Phoenix

In TPS there are also characters with corrosive skills

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Thanks for the correction…so who do you think has the most corrosive damage between the characters In TPS?

I saw a video of someone running on OP8 killing regular and even Ultimate Badass Loaders with a lv 1 Pistol just by using Cloudkill. So, I would guess Maya (the Siren) has the best corrosive skill in Borderlands 2. And its a one-point-skill.

I think I saw that video, didn’t that total Badass also kill saturn with a level 1 pistol in op8? Who was that…

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Willy and Jack both have some I think Willy’s does more but Jack just does more in general

I would assume that took hours considering how low damage cloud kill actually deals…
I suppose you would have to add class mods/relics to boost elemental dmg cause if I remember correctly from playing Maya a while back those skills were really weak on their own, well at least Cloud kill and Blight Phoenix

Wilhelm has the Venom Bolts skill which at max gives +20% dmg and +10% chance with corrosion which I think is the only one. Jack doesn’t have much elemental boosts at all besides Sponsored By as far as I’m aware.

Both Cloud Kill and Blight Phoenix got buffed by the Oct. 29 hotfix. Cloudkill now is a real alternative to other corrosive weapons and is actually way too strong in NVHM and most of TVHM. In UVHM it kills Loaders efficiently even in the OP-levels.

And @Derch, I know, you compared all the tweaked skills with their untweaked form and those vids were great and well-informing. As always. But the video I meant came from someone else. Still, I like most of your videos.

I didn’t know someone else did that, I did washburn and then saturn.

Really thought I played Maya since that time, hmm, well okay, perhaps I should give maya another go as well! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen that videos of yours. Poor Saturn. After seeing that, I had to slay BNK3R with Cloudkill alone.

@vgj, you definitely should try Maya again. Cloudkill is amazing and even Blight Phoenix is of some use now. Oh and Helios got a buff too!
You may not know of the Cloudkill-buff because you probably didn’t spend a point in it. Before the buff, no one did.

Hehe, funny finding this topic after this weekend. I was messing around with Maya running a random Witch mod with an Infection and corrosive Bone. Shooting loaders with one shot and watchin them disintegrate.