Best class for sniping?

I’m looking to start a new playthrough and I was wondering about the forum’s opinion on TPS’ best sniper right now, along with SRs / shields / COMs that I would need to keep a lookout for. (Not really interested in laser sniping)

Threetwoone go!

The only experience I have with sniping in tPS! Is with nisha using a jakobs sniper and a six-shooter class mod that boots magnificent 6. I’m only at Lv36 so I’m sure others will have a more detailed opinion, but I’m having alot of fun with her so far

I would say everyone but Athena can make for a decent sniper.

Whilhelm is pretty straightforward with some solid damage and crit bonuses from skills and Wolf and Saint are a nice distraction, damage, and support.
Howitzer makes for a nice sniping COM with Crit and Explosive damage, and skill boosts to Fire Support, First to Fight, and Targeting Scope.

If you have access to the Plunkett from the Holo-Dome Claptrap can get impressive amounts of damage with a One Last Thing bonus on every shot.
Sapper COM to maximize that One Last Thing Bonus.

Jack is pretty similar to Whilhelm, nice straightforward boosts and the decoys also make for a good distraction, damage source.

Okay I’m kinda rambling a bit now, ask some questions and I’ll go more in depth.

I would say Nisha is the best “Sniper rifle user”
While Wilhelm is probably the best “sniper” character

Old-fashion sniping—that’s what I loved about Mordecai. My personal pick, especially if you want to focus on Jakobs weapons, would be Nisha. She seems to have great synergy with non-elemental weapons, and Jakobs generally have the highest raw damage for non-elemental guns. Of course, Wilhelm and Jack are also great picks with their action skills keeping the enemy busy, as Zhabalabada had mentioned.

I would say no one, because everyone else flies and spawing seems to be based on proximity.

Wilhelm has Targeting Scope, Venom Bolts and Cold War makes for easy freezing (crit damage buff), Escalation has a crit bonus. Athena has some sniper potential as well though, Maliwan Sniders are one of the best snipers in the game and with Maelstrom she can get her damage up easily. Jack because of Company Man and his other damage buffs, Nisha the same as Jack, Claptrap with One Last Thing.

The best out of the five I would have to say is Jack, Company Man, Collaborate, his kill skills & potentially Money is Power makes him just too good.

Well would you look at that, I’ve already got a level 60 Jack haha

Jack might be the best sniper

  • Integrity is bugged so if you crit with a sniper you get the boost on the full health bar, not just the lower 40%
  • He also has agro relief, massive crit bonus, reload and fire rate, and mag size buffs as well.
  • AA makes sniper ammo a non issue

Something like this build with the below com, not the exact bonuses but you get the idea. I would have +5 to integrity instead.

I would use 4 snipers, because I can 2 hyperion and 2 others. Skullmasher and Snider most likely.
Amp shield because company man
Precision strike Oz kit
and you know the com

Thats 6 stacks of company man

With this set up you would have (100 stacks of money is power and 10 stacks of collaborate)

  • 178% base damage increase and another 30 if I swap from skullmasher to another sniper

  • 90% critical hit bonus and another 65% (at level 50) if you are in air

  • 81% accuracy and another 30% if I swap from hyperion and another 52% (at level) 50 If im in air

  • 54% fire rate and up to another 72% if I have 4 stacks of Incentives (75% swap speed helps get there)

  • up to an additional 48% mag size with 40% chance to not consume ammo

  • 80% multiplicative bonus damage and another 25% at least from the 4 bonus on the skill (Have to test at 10/5)

  • up to 25% of your health healed per second


I would agree with Jack, with all his damage bonuses.

Skullmasher / Frem. Edge / Shock Snider / Cryo Invader seems like a good combo!

I’m waiting to see what Aurelia can do before I try building a class for sniping.

If you are into nontraditional machine-gun sniping, Nisha is an absolute beast with a Vladof Droog.

With Jack I just spec into Abs. Advantage and use a Droog as an assault rifle haha

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