Best class for solo play

I think the head line is enough, but I’ll elaborate.
I want a class which I can play throughout all stages and levels of the game(inculding OPs)…
I’m gonna say in advance, I find Krieg kind of boring so you can rule him out.

Can use your knowlege.


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I find Axton’s turrets great for taking agro when I’m playing solo. Just like Roland says “It’s like having another soldier on the field.”

Any character can solo this game, even the OP levels- it all depends on how you want to approach it. So- what do you like? I’ve tried them all and have them all at OP8 so my opinion may be slightly different than someone that sticks to a single Vault Hunter…


I played the game with Zer0 already, but never got to OP8 yet.
I want to start over again.
Mostly my kind of play is doing all the dmg by my self, both from afar and close range.

Hold on, hold on, you said you find Krieg boring?

I dont like that type of play… Sue me .


what do you mean?
I mean, there’s melee, hellborn, pain toast, explosive, grenade, axe-throwing… and many MANY more playstyles.

I got tired of melee baiscally after playing Zer0 for a long time. I want long/medeium range class. with good dmg ans sustain.

Why not give them all a try for a little while (until level 5 at least) then see which one you like the best and go with them. You can always change your mind and start another character if you find you don’t like them.

… comparing melee K to melee Zero is hilarious.
But yeah, I can see why you want to play a different character. Try axton, good overall.

That’s a very bad way of doing it. At lower levels Krieg is quite terrible, but at endgame HE IS A BEAST.

Ok I’ll try him out.

If you plan on doing Raids in addition to story modes and DLCs, then the obvious choice is probably Sal since he is arguably the best at Raids. If you aren’t planning on focusing heavily on Raids or want slightly more of a challenge when Raiding, then I would probably recommend Axton or Maya.

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Still think you should try K properly…

What do you mean properly?

True, but you get some kind of idea of the play style etc. and aside from other peoples (likely biased) opinions you really have no other way of knowing.


VERY good point.

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Like, you think he is all bout melee, he most definitely isn’t, and as I said before, he is comletely different to melee Zer0.

I think Im gonna try few classes, probably Axton/Krieg untill a level I can be sure if I want them or not.

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Krieg:+up to 500%
Axton:+~100 max on rifles only

Krieg: +up to 700%
Axton: +~50%

Krieg:+ up to ~200%
Axton:+ up to ~70%

Krieg:+ up to almost 200%
Axton: + up to 50%

Krieg: LITERALLY INSTANT(with only certain builds of course)
Axton: up to like 5% tops.

I think this sums it up.