Best class for solo play

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I’m going to say that there is no such thing as a best class. It’s just what fits your playstyle better. And I have to agree with KK that playing until level 5 is not a valid way of doing it since some characters don’t take off until you’ve finished the 1st playthrough. Others like Zer0 change as you get one pointers, forcing you to somewhat change your playstyle around them. Some are gear dependent, others, well not so much. Like Salvador needs very specific gear to achieve the levels of broken he’s known for, while you can give almost any gun to Axton or Maya and they can make it work no problem. As someone who plays every character, I’ll make a quick summary of them:

Axton: General all-rounder. No frills, but he gets the job done. Good with really any gun type.
Maya: Can immobilize enemies, spread slag like no tomorrow, great crowd control, great health tanking abilities. Like Axton, she can make almost any weapon work, but she’s weak at raiding.
Salvador: General powerhouse. Has two guns and screams a lot. Painful to play until you get specific gear, but broken powerful once you do.
Zer0: Glass Cannon. Has a potential DPS higher than Sal, but it takes a lot of work to reach that point. In my mind the hardest class to play as because he’s a be precise or die character. Deception and Kunai make him great with every gun type.
Gaige: Enjoys up close combat, DT is either a great supplement to your damage or a great distraction depending on how much you spec for him.

I know you said you don’t want to play Krieg, so I won’t bother writing one since I understand why some would not find his unorthodox playstyle enjoyable.

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All the characters are viable but for me personally Maya is arguably the best. She is not as gear dependent as Salvador and some others are, has great crowd control, awesome healing, and deals excellent damage. The only downside to her is she is not good damage-wise in a raid environment.

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Friendly reminder: Keep this discusion polite please.

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All of the characters are viable in solo play as long as you understand their skills and what they can/can’t do, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be Axton. Or maybe Maya.

Yup. Definitely Axton or Maya.

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Who didn’t?

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Nah, general reminder bro. Nothing against nobody.

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Is this a comparison of just their action skills or skills of a like type? Does this include com percentages as well? Just curious as to which specific skills are being compared…

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It was just a joke. I was comparing the highest, most juicy stats you can squeeze out of the two, it was absolutely stupid and that is no way to compare characters. Those percentages I listed with Krieg can only be active one at a time, like you can’t have a BB K with 700%dmg and all that healing. You can combine all those, but I was just listing the highest numbers that can be achieved with certain COMs, that boost certain skills.

Characters are not meant to be compared by their stats, the results will never be fair.

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Just kidding as well- this would be a great time to look for investor in my Kickstarter drive for developing a sarcasm font- it would make millions, millions I say! :smile:

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You have me confused…
Also, BB K ~> LS A

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Just saying that it’s hard to communicate intended humor w/o some obvious sign that what is being said is being said in jest- like with a specialized font for example…

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I favor a mid-long range, strategic playstyle. I like to pick areas apart and control the flow of a fight. I like tools for managing space. I play solo almost exclusively, having taken Zero to OP2, Maya to OP6, and Axton and Salvador to OP8. I’ve also played a bit using my daughter’s OP6 Gaige.

Axton and Maya are 1a and 1b favorites for me. They each have skill sets which allow you to create and manage space. They also have options for free slag. That means you can run wild with cool guns and grenades, move around a lot, easily do speed runs, etc. I still play as each of the 4 core classes, but I log the most time as Axton and then Maya.

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Right now, the best class is Maya, hands down. At level 16 you can get Cloud Kill, and then switch over to her other tree and get Converge. I’m currently working on a 1life run with her. After 6 hours of gameplay, I’m about to go into the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve at level 23 with no deaths. I think that’s a testament of how good of a class she is.
TL;DR Maya has always been a gentle levelling experience because she can make most guns do damage. After the recent buffs to Maya, she is also one of the easiest characters in any playthrough due to her incredible “gamechanger” skills and survivability.


Zer0 is my personal favorite, but he has a fairly steep learning curve. Maya and Axton are easy out the gate and are awesome at max level, Gaige is pure chaos but IMO not so great for solo’ing raids if that’s something you plan to do. I can’t say much about Sal since I’m only lv. 13 but from what I’ve seen he’s mega-OP. Overall, Maya or Axton.

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axton is super fun with metal storm max and buffed but zero with the many must fall chain is almost god like. Krieg has some ability the increases the chance for an enemy to drop grenades so it hard to run out and gaige is truly boring and screams alot and maya is ok but not my favourite because she has tooo much going on. Sal I tried but he just hasn’t grown on me. Attempting to get sal to upper levels but he just seems to well rounded hinting on the verge of meh.


Axton can do much better than that…
+139% with legendary soldier, 10/5 impact, battlefront and onslaught active.
+187% with AR with a rifleman com, same skills active.

Personally, I’d recommend maya to the OP.

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I know hardly anything about him. My bad, very interesting, thanks for telling me.
BB K > LS A.

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Oh ok, makes sense.

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I just wanted to chime in on a solo toon. I honestly don’t know how I could have gotten through 2/3 of uvhm without Axtons turrets. Those things have saved my ass hundreds of times. I’m thinking Sal my next build, but Idk if I could get far without some kind of tank.

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Maya and Axton are the easiest to take all the way through the game solo. Gaige and Zer0 can put out some serious damage, but they’re both glass cannons and an anarchy Gaige needs to be pretty close to the action to be able to hit her target. Sal is great…if you get the right gear for him. Until then he can be a pain to level. Krieg is great, but only if you can handle his high risk, high reward playstyle. If not, expect to be going down a lot because he is not a toon for the cautious.