Best class for solo play

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Eh… I’d argue that Gaige has too many shield skills to be considered a glass cannon. I mean, yeah she’s not on the level of Maya or Krieg when it comes to survivability, but barring Deception she’s way more survivable than Zer0 in a straight fight.


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I was thinking about someone new to BL 2, so I wouldn’t recommend Gaige in that instance. But, if you know how the game works, then she’s a viable option for what the OP’s asking.


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Lemme correct some more Axton stats for you:

Mag size: up to +52-168% depending on gun

Reload speed: up to +236% (note that Axton is the fastest reloader in the game)

Fire rate: up to +152% depending on gun

Health regen: +50% instantaneous with Grit or +6% passive

As for other things:

Axton: Up to +11% capacity-based regen plus +128% recharge rate
Krieg: Literally none

Axton: Up to -192%
Krieg: Up to +14 seconds (can’t remember off the top of my head exactly how much the Meat COM bonus increases)

Axton: Up to +142% nearly constantly
Krieg: Up to +240% with Fuel the Blood active, +0% otherwise

tl;dr know your Axton facts


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First of all, it was a bit of a joke I know Axton is amazing.
Second of all,
OVERLL DPS: Blood Bath Krieg > ANY Axton build

And what does


But anyway, thanks for telling me the exact stats for axton, also, how is the fire-rate so high?



I think he used a heavy gunner com for his calc. It gives up to 35% fire rate passively according to the wiki, and with 11/5 Metal Storm you get an additional +132% fire rate from that alone, on kill.


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Actually I used MS, Duty Calls and Ranger alone. I forgot the Gunner boosted MS.


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tbf for DPS Sniper Zer0 > Literally any other build in the game


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It can be very tempting to dive into conversations about math, but a thing worth remembering is that our enthusiasm for various classes doesn’t always come from raw math. With this game, it’s often about style, and is typically an emotional connection of sorts. While many of us are drawn to Axton and Maya, other people have called Axton “boring”, and have kicked Maya to the curb because of her relatively squishy nature against raid bosses. Other people may prefer the face-first style of Krieg, or the unstoppable juggernaut feel of a Grog-Harold Salvador.

Because these connections are seated in an emotional place, most of us aren’t going to be knocked off our preferences with logic. No amount of DPS discussion can change the fact that I love throwing turrets on walls or ceilings, etc. Similarly, laying out reload speed for Krieg Krazy isn’t likely to get a response other than, “I CARVED THE TURKEY MAN EARLY AND STUFFED HIM WITH WATER BALLOONS!!!”


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Exactly. Each character has a very specific playstyle of their own and that’s the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your class. I never played Krieg, and although I’ll admit that he’s a fun and interesting class with ridiculous damage potential, the reason I never played him is that his playstyle doesn’t really appeal to me. I might try him someday, but his DPS potential is not enough of an incentive for me to play him. I don’t care if he can do more damage than the other characters. All the characters can handle themselves very well at endgame if you know how to play them, you don’t really need overkill DPS to be able to play the game.


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Best classes in order based on survival, dmg and capability to do raids:

  1. Salvador
  2. Krieg
  3. Gaige
  4. Zero

Salvador is insane easy to play. Requires no skill and is your safest bet. He has insane survival skills and damage capability. His downside is that he is pretty gear reliant. But not so that he is weak when u have the wrong pieces of gear. Krieg requires a little more skill, but still fairly easy to play. Great survival capability, can even one shot pyro Pete. So best bet if u r planning on farming herald. Gaige easy to play as well. She is a better Axton in my opinion, due to her robot (deathtrap) that pulls aggro and you deal more damage. Also having pretty good defensive capabilities apart from her deathtrap. And last Zer0 who is hard to play but b0re is just so OP that it one shots hyperius. These four classes are the best if u look at it from a versatility standpoint, they also have the most playstyles that are viable. My favorites are Krieg and Gaige. Kriegs tank build is amazing, feels like a better melee zer0. And Gaige her anarchy build is insane satisfying to play. Accumulating more and more stacks of damage while bombarding people with the norfleet is insane.


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