Best class mod for explosive krieg?

Does a blue class mod with
+6 strip the flesh
+5 blood bath
Exist as far as I know none of the legendary coms have strip the flesh and blood bath on the same one.

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Refering to the Krieg COMs guide, no, but the crunch and blister COMs are both very good. You have to choose between boosting StF and BB.

Thanks for the fast reply guys
Also I’m new to these forums so I apologize if I mess up on anything

No problem, and don’t worry about it! Welcome aboard!

Just don’t ask for or offer dupes and you’ll be fine

I tend to farm all my own gear seeing as I’m on a ps3 so I only dupe the stuff I find if I need it for more than one character.

Also, flesh crunch.

Thanks for paging me @BTK420247

There is no class mod that puts points into BB and StF at the same time.:frowning:
However, you can still use Flesh Crunch (+6 StF) or a blood blister com (+6 into BB)
Leg. Reaper COM would be the easiest to use with BB, as it gives up to +99% more kill-skill duration.
Power toast is a great COM too, increases gun damage by up to +110% while on fire, and it can put points into elemental elation, downside is crits are useless.

Oh, and I made a guide (WIP) about the DPUH on K.

Thanks for the reply I guess I’ll go with a flesh crunch
I only wanted extra blood bath for the 100% gernade drop chance since the fastball is so good.
Should have mentioned I am planning on going with a explosive/hell born build.

you shouldnt have any problem with just 5 points in BB

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I’ll post my build in a few minutes I need some advice on it
Here is my planned build

Flesh Crunch, +6 StF.

Empathy is useless, unless you are using an elemental weapon.

Well I do use about half explosives half elemental weapons also I understand the prefixes of coms but other than +6 stf what could I find for the +5 skill are there any that would help my build

It dosen’t really matter they’re both pretty much useless unless you switch to a BL/Mania build

Not true.

um…ok, care to elaborate?

Crunch COMs work decently well with hellborn, not ideal by any means, but can be plenty viable.
Is that what you were saying?

The question was wheather Taste of Blood or Blood Trance was better for this build, and neither of them do anything useful for this build. Therefore it dosen’t matter which his COM has as a secondary