Best class mod for phase grasp? Also phasegrasp tree help

I’m a moze main so know next to nothing on Amara but want to help my wife since she just started playing as her.

She likes phasegrasp , is that considered her best skill ? Regardless we will go down the orange tree first . What skills in that tree are a must and what are best ignored ?

What legendary class mod benefits phase grasp build the most?

Best shield for Amara phasegrasp build ? Best grenade? Stuff like that is much appreciated!

I have a ton of stuff for Amara saved up in my mozes bank that I saved up in case my wife needs it. But they are all level 50 so in meantime asking for tips. Thanks a lot!

Anima Tempest and Dread maxed will get you to Ties That Bind. Then you can really start doing damage.

Indiscriminate in the FoE tree will start the ricocheting.

Then maybe stat branching out into other trees or keep going for the healing and DoT buffs

Class mods are so varied and not altogether that great until you get orange ones that I’d just figure out what skills you like and try to buff them

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If you have some good weapons with +250% weapon damage after phasecast then that would be a good one to start with (that anointment is mightily OP).

For phasegrasp I’d recommend going far enough in the Green tree to get the “Stillness of Mind” augment and then “Ties that Bind” in the Orange tree.

I use the Spiritual Driver class mod with both grasp & cast, mainly since the speed boost is really unique & fun.

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What’s so great about stillness of the mind especially when used with phasegrasp ? It says close enemies get grasped which sounds awesome … but only until they are damaged? That doesn’t sound like more than a second later especially with the AOE phasgraps augments

With TTB in a mob you can grasp an enemy and hold him still for 8 seconds and the TTB links to other mobbers will transfer damage to them while the run around punching, shooting, and suiciding on you.

With Stillness the only thing that changes is that everyone who got linked to the grasped enemy is also grasped and will not attack until damaged by DIRECT attack. Damage through the links doesn’t free them, they can be grasped for the full 8 seconds if you wish


Ah ok that makes more sense . Stillness seems to be universally liked but which of the two do you prefer?

You’ll want both TTB and Stillness of Mind for maximum mob control.

You can beat on the main target all you want and the others will remain grasped, but once they take any outside damage (grenade, Tediore turret, chain, etc) they are free to come at you. When you get to Ascendant (I think) in the blue tree it’ll hold them for 0.75 seconds after damage so if you are using a Recursion for example they will be dead before they hit the ground

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