Best class mod in the franchise?

Out of every game, what class mod is the best? Rank it on:

Amount of skills boosted
Bonus effects
Overall practicability

I will rate your answers.

This is definitely not as cut and dry as picking a Weapon. Class Mods are all about the synergy of the boosted skills. BL2 max level being raised to 80 also totally changed the game as far as builds and boosts.

A good Crunch Mod on Krieg is a fave of mine.

Torgue Explosions GIF - Torgue Explosions Borderlands - Descubre & Comparte GIFs

Best in the franchise?

BL2 COMs. That’s as “best” as you’re going to get. They have the potential to impact the game and build diversity more than 1, TPS and 3 COMs.

I suppose if I had to choose one of the couple dozen “best” it would be Legendary Ninja since it allows for game play completely unlike anything else.

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Crunch makes you the god of explosions, which is one of 5. However: explosive is the only element that no enemy resists. Explosion damage is very non-accurate, and uses lots of ammo.


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Synergies are important. I mentioned Krieg because of this. Building to Bloodsplosion with a Crunch Mod takes care of most accuracy issues. It’s not “Close Enough”, but it’s close enough.

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