Best class to play solo?

What is the best class to play as for SOLO in your opinion?

I know this is a cop out, butttttttttttttttttt All of them. Which ever one that you enjoy the most.

For me its Maya.

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I like to solo Sal the most, but started out soloing Axton.

Easy mode for most of the game is the mechro. DT destroys everything.

There’s no such thing as “Best class” outside personal preferences.

Which brings me to this:
Do you like Brick? Krieg is pretty much the spiritual succesor.
Do you like dual wielding? Salvador covers that.
More of a Siren person, who can control the elements and the flow of combat? Maya.
Or are you more for the soldier kind of character, and like dealing explosions, lots of it? Axton.
Or the slightly insane teenager who thinks a robot ends bullying, while not giving a damn about accuracy and dealing tons of damage? Gaige
And last but not least: Do you like a very risky, but a very, very rewarding playstyle? Zer0 covers that.

Do keep in mind, with this short description, I kinda put the VH’s in a box, or archetype, considering their are quite a few builds who break that mold.

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For general mobbing and good overall survivability due to very balanced DPS, defensive and healing skills, Maya. For Raiding, Sal.

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The problem with this question is you don’t say why you want to know… Are you new to game?

I’ve always thought Maya, Axton and Sal were the most generic and easiest to solo. Axton has 2 turrets and great health/shield skills, Maya has awesome crowd control, and Sal can just face paint the world. I did my first ever UVHM play through with Axton, and just stuck out 2 slagged turrets with shields, made it so much easier with crap gear. I almost made it through a UVHM reply with Sal on 1 life but got knocked off a bridge by an explosion. Maya and Phaselock is mobbing control heaven sent.

Gaige also has great survival skills and also has DT around, but I think a lot of people see her as a rampaging anarchy killer. You have the option to use or not to use anarchy, which is great. At level 50 she is easily one of the strongest classes, with just 1 point in anarchy her power is truly awesome with all her other skills added in. Speed mobbing with her or Krieg is defo true Borderlands madness. And remember DT can get you a second wind, as can Axton’s Turrets.

The two I thought were the hardest to solo were Zero and Krieg, purely for the fact they have more specific skills and from my experience harder to play. Albeit both have awesome power when used right and I had great fun playing with them both. Neither have good shield skills, so its a case of mastering their personalities and fighting skills. I was never the best melee player, and sniper zero just didn’t suit my liking.

At the end of the day, play with all 6, then you’ll start to see what is your own style and favourite class. But i’d say from 1 to 72 solo, either Sal or Axton. A lot of this is personal opinion, and everyone will see things different, so this question is always open to argument, and everyone has their favourites.

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Gunzerker DPUH, Grog/Rubi pistol build. The DPUH, Grog and Rubi are easy to get and are a powerful combo when Gunzerking on their own without any extra gear. Makes the game easy mode vs everything.

what I call the pet classes are best for soloing. Axton and Gaige. There really is no wrong answer, but axton’s turret and gaiges deathtrap make life significantly easier early on.

Salvador is my favorite, maya is a beast, zero is probably the most “skill” player, and krieg is just a monster that’s a lot of fun.

Others have said this, it depends in what you are looking for. Sal or Gaige for mowing down everything in sight, Krieg or zero for unique playstyles. Maya for messing with AI heads and obliterating with dogs and Axton for turrets and fastballs.

Axton or Mechro. Both come with an Action Skill that you can use as a devastating distraction to take some of the heat off of you (while doing damage), giving you either a much needed break to regenerate your shield, or plenty of time to lay some serious hate on the Badasses while their attention is on your AS. I’d say Mechro’s Deathtrap AS has a little bit of an advantage over Axton’s Sabre Turret, simply because of his mobility. Both can be leveled into absolute wrecking balls, but the fact that Deathtrap moves around gives him a bit of an advantage when using him as a distraction. The stationary Sabre Turret can be destroyed pretty easily by some of the Badasses later in the game, so the fact that Deathtrap is mobile really does make a difference, IMO.